Learning to Be a Better HR Manager

As a business, your human resources are your most valuable asset. In fact, that’s why your employees are referred to as resources. The resources of your business involve the people who work for you, your equipment, and any type of software that helps you do your job. Software can be bought or built fairly quickly. […]

Real Estate

Tips for Moving Your Furniture

Moving large furniture is one of the biggest issues that people face during the moving process. Smaller items can be easily packed into cartons and boxes and can be moved around in a car or a small truck, however, larger furniture items such as stand-alone cupboards, tables, racks, stands, mounts, coffee tables, and others pose […]


The Benefits of The ‘About Us’ Web Page

One of the most important pages on any website is the ‘About Us’ page. This lists contact details, information about the organisation, and other relevant information. Unfortunately, most websites have reduced their About Us page to a few generic paragraphs or retort to throwing around buzzwords and industry jargon to appear knowledgeable. These lack creativity […]