4 Types of Corporate Events That Need an Expert Emcee


Planning a corporate event requires thorough research and preparation. Some of the things you might want to spend your money on include a good venue, topnotch catering, an excellent audio-visual system, and an expert emcee.

An emcee (as in MC, or Master of Ceremonies) is the person who introduces speakers, catches the audience’s attention when necessary, and guides the flow of the entire program. While this may seem like a task that any of your regular employees can handle, hiring an expert emcee is a better choice if you wish to succeed in achieving the goals set for your corporate event.

Aside from being able to keep your audience engaged, an emcee can lend credibility to any event.

Below is a list of corporate events that require a professional emcee’s expertise and some insight into the best ways to choose the right person for the job:

1. Industry Conferences

Industry conferences are organized to engage a specific audience and offer them information that is relevant to the niche. It can help establish your company as an authority in the field.

Unlike seminars that last for a couple of hours and only have a few speakers, conferences often have several sessions that could last for about a week or so. They typically include a keynote session and several breakout sessions, depending on the topic being discussed.

Since these events are educational and often incorporate interactions between an expert panel and the audience, it will do you good to have a professional emcee to mediate the exchange. This is particularly helpful during debates, discussions, and consultations.

When choosing an emcee, you don’t need to look for someone who is high on the popularity list. You just need to look for someone who can handle crowds well and has some industry-specific knowledge or experience.

2. Product or Brand Launch

Events aimed at launching a brand or product often need to create a buzz both within the industry circle and social media. This means that in order to attract the right audience and cement an excellent first impression, you have to rope in an expert emcee to lend credibility to the gathering.

These events can be targeted at both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies. Either way, you can choose to hire an industry leader who is recognized by most of your target audience or a trusted expert in the niche who can endorse the product or brand based on its usability and advantages over competitors.

Remember that your emcee doesn’t need to have a high-profile celebrity status. He just needs to be a recognizable face among the event’s target audience to be able to effectively drive the product or brand launch into success.

3. Appreciation Event or Awards Night

Appreciation and awarding events focus on celebrations and rewards. These also allow the event host to establish a comfortable relationship with the audience, whether they are company employees or your clients. This will ensure that both host and guests can establish a mutual understanding of their business priorities.

Your chosen emcee should be able to lend the event that “wow factor” to effectively achieve the vibe that’s appropriate for a celebratory occasion. For the most part, the event emcee should be able to engage in an informal interaction with the attendees to establish rapport and become acquainted with their “tickle spot.” This would allow him to employ humor and other relevant tricks to give the audience a memorable time.

Plus, a clever emcee should deliver appropriate commentary and insights without harming the company’s image and create an uplifting tone in the event to help the audience have a good time.

4. Special Company Gatherings

Company events that fall under the “special” category also require the help of an expert emcee to entertain attendees and help them enjoy the gathering.

Aside from picking the perfect corporate event venue and planning activities for this type of event, you also have to choose an emcee according to the theme of the party. You should consider how well your audience appreciates the emcee’s past work before making a decision. Remember that the person you choose should be both good at public speaking and entertaining at the same time.

The Value of Corporate Event Emcees

Your chosen emcee may not always be the same person for every type of corporate event you hold since they have different purposes. Make sure to define your goals first before picking a professional emcee for the program to ensure that you get 100 percent effectiveness and value for your money.

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