5 Great Benefits Of A Virtual Office


A lot of new startups want to project a professional image but because they are a startup, they don’t have the necessary finances to do so. Clearly they don’t want to be going to the bank for this set up, so early into their business venture. There is a solution, however, in the Sydney area and it is the use of a virtual office. This means that these young businesses, don’t have to buy or lease office space to give themselves that professional appearance. There is no need to hire a receptionist, buy essential office equipment and phones, because it is all supplied within the virtual office. There are many benefits to having a virtual office and I will tell you some of them here today.

  1. Create ConfidenceA virtual office creates affordable options to businesses that just don’t have the cash right now, to pay expenses for a receptionist and all their office equipment. They will be supplied with a local Sydney phone number dedicated to the building that they choose. It will allow them to gain the confidence of local prospective customers, as the belief will be, that they are located in that area and in that impressive office building.
  2. Receptionist Service – You will also be offered the professional services of a receptionist who will take all your incoming calls related to your business number. They will patch calls through, to an alternative number if required, and will also take messages for you. They will also answer the call using your company’s greeting, which makes the call more personalised and relevant to your business. When people call they won’t get an automated machine, but a real live person.
  3. Best First Impression – Getting a virtual office means that you will be supplied with a mailing address of the building you are supposed to be in. If your business cards have an address that is instantly recognisable as a top business area in Sydney, then this will immediately give the best first impression possible. Good first impressions are the key to any business success and you have taken the correct first step towards that.
  4. Keeping Costs Down – For the minimum expenditure, you get all the essentials of a new business startup. You have a business line, someone who will answer your calls in real time, a reputable business address in the city, voice mail and a fax line if you need it. It is a great way to keep business costs down, while maintaining the appearance of an established business. With a virtual office set up, you are not tied into two or three year contracts, you can just pay as you go. If that particular area doesn’t work out for you, then you can ask for an address somewhere else and start again.

Getting yourself a virtual office is the ideal first step towards a successful business venture. All companies want to appear professional and with this service, you are professional twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. If you want to legitimise your business, then a virtual office is just what you need.

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