8 Reasons You Still Need A Real Estate Agent


When buying or selling a home or property, one of your first concerns would be if you should buy or sell on your own or hire the service of a real estate agent. Hiring a real estate agent has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, here are ten reasons why you need a real estate agent.

  1. Real estate agents are more familiar with the market. They have access to market data which allow you to make the best purchase or set a realistic listing price. They can give you a list of similar properties to choose from or to compare to.
  2. They do the negotiations for you. One of the most time-consuming and tiring tasks when buying or selling a home is conducting negotiations. Real estate agents can meet prospective clients on your behalf and will help you come up with offers so you will land deal that will benefit you the most.
  3. They do the hard work for you. When you are buying a home, real estate agents can look into several properties for you. When selling a home, they can host showings at a last minute call or even on a Saturday. Things, which are almost impossible to do on a tight schedule at work and home.
  4. They have a network of contacts. When buying a home, real estate agents know of the latest listings and homes to be listed yet. When selling, they can contact other agents, previous clients or friends of friends.
  5. They know how to attract buyers. With their previous experiences of meeting different buyers, real estate agents can come up with ways to market your home such as attaching video clips and photos in your listing.
  6. They will help you determine things that need fixing. Inspections are required for things that need fixing when buying or selling a home. When buying, real estate agents will help you come up with fix requests to the seller. They also provide the same guidance when you are selling a home.
  7. They can refer you to trusted service providers. Repairs, restorations and preparing legal documents when buying or selling a home may require you to hire additional services. Real estate agents can recommend trusted and qualified people or companies in these areas.
  8. They will guide you through the closing process. Before closing the deal, real estate agents can help you gather the needed documents. When buying, before the signing of the papers, they can accompany you for a final inspection to make sure the seller has left the property in the condition stated in the contract.
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