A Checklist for Small Business Start Ups


Any entrepreneur who is planning a start up has many things to organise, what with sourcing business premises, arranging for refurbishment, and complying with the many laws and regulations that come with starting your own business in the UK. Then there is the marketing plan, and the logistics of delivering products to customers, which isn’t easy to organise, and with all this and more, here is a checklist to ensure that nothing essential is overlooked when starting a new enterprise.

  • Adequate Funding – First and foremost, sufficient funds to maintain the business is essential, plus something for the unexpected, which always seem to arrive at some point. If you have calculated everything and the finances are extremely tight, it might pay to look for a short term business start up loan.
  • Suitable Premises – It might be a small warehouse, or some office space, in which case you will need to seek out a suitable premises, and there are many factors to consider, such as location, access, and if it is a retail outlet, sufficient car parking.
  • Security – Of course, you will have to invest in some renovations and equipment purchase, and there are online companies that can provide essential security in the form of CCTV, or perhaps an intruder alarm, and with other services, such as the essential items you will need to pass the local authority fire regulations, you can kill two birds with one stone. If your business is UK based, Tranter Fire and Security are the ideal company to contact, as they provide both security and fire safety systems for businesses. Security is essential, and with a long term contract that covers you for both security and fire protection, you can focus your attention on other things.
  • Essential Business Requirements – You will have to take out Public Liability Insurance, which even a one man show is required to have, and this covers the business owner in the event his or her actions cause damage to property or human life, and in the UK, it is compulsory for all registered businesses. If you employ even a single person, you must also take our Employee Liability Insurance, to protect your workers in the event of an accident. Whatever type of premises you are using, the local authority will ensure that the building is up to standard with regard to fire protection and emergency exits, and there are online companies that will take care of this, and you can even take out long-term contracts, which really takes the pressure away.
  • A Marketing Plan – In order to generate adequate income, you must have a marketing strategy, and in this day and age, that would be mainly in a digital format. This would be part of the business plan, and without it, things might never get off the ground. Social media is a powerful marketing avenue and by enlisting the help of an established SEO company, you can map out your path to success with a level of confidence.

There are other things you will need, such as unlimited amounts of enthusiasm and determination, and with all of the above in order, there’s no reason why your start up won’t be the launch of the year.

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