A Checklist for That Important Business Meeting


Some business meetings are more important than others, and while one should be prepared at all times, it is a good idea to cover every angle. Your image must be right, so a fitted men’s suit is a must, and with perfect grooming, you should look every inch a professional. Here are some things to bear in mind prior to that crucial meeting.

  • Look the Part – Your attire needs to be top notch, and ideally, a made to measure suit would be the thing to wear. Shoes, necktie, and cufflinks all should be in keeping with the image of a successful person. If you are in Australia, and looking for bespoke suits in Sydney, there are superb online tailors who can create something special.
  • The Right Accessories – Your watch should be a quality timepiece, and with a leather briefcase that contains all your printed media, the look will be complete. A touch of expensive after shave and a well-groomed hairstyle will complement your look, and you are ready to make that all important presentation.
  • Briefcase Contents – You cannot afford to forget anything, and apart from the all-important documents, you should have a few pens, including some highlight colours, and a notepad of course. Don’t forget to carry a good supply of business cards, as it is embarrassing to meet someone and not have a card to exchange.
  • Your Presentation– The very heart of the meeting will be your presentation, and this should be rehearsed many times, at least until you are comfortable with presenting it. Family or friends will be happy to listen as you practice your delivery, and they might also come up with a few interesting questions that you might encounter on the day. If you are using your laptop to present a PowerPoint presentation, copy it onto a thumb drive, in case your machine decides not to work.
  • Be Prepared – Whatever the reason for the meeting, there will be a desired outcome, so consider that and try to cover for every eventuality. If, for example, you are hoping to close a deal, then make sure you have an answer for every question that might be put forward. Do your homework regarding the other attendees and make sure you have read all the company profiles, as this might help at some point.
  • Be Early – Arrive early and make sure you are comfortable, calm and collected. Check you have ample business cards and it might be an idea to brush your teeth and have a quick visual check in the mirror before entering the meeting room. If you are visiting a foreign company, check for any cultural differences that might present themselves during the encounter.

The most important thing is to relax and enjoy the experience, and this is much easier if you are well prepared and look the part with a tailor made suit. The outcome of such a meeting could be critical for your business, so it is important to project the right image, and your preparation should be enough to convince your counterpart that doing business with you is a smart move.

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