A Guide to Cost Effective Office Refurbishment


Sooner or later the office becomes a little lacklustre, and as much as you try to push it to the back of your mind, there comes a day when action is needed. Most people wouldn’t know where to start with office refurbishment, and ideally, the best solution is to discuss the various options with an office fitout company. Once you have made the decision to carry out the renovations, you will need to calculate a budget for the project, and this is the figure the refurbishing company would try to work to.

Sourcing the Right Company

Finding an established office refurbishment contractor isn’t at all difficult if you carry out an online search, and no matter where you happen to be located, there will be a company that services that area, and you do want to deal with someone local, if possible. Any business situated in the Midlands that wanted to refurbish their offices might require suspended ceilings in Coventry, or partitioning in Birmingham, and there is a specialist company that can handle the project from initial design to the handover, and with minimal disruption to the client’s business.

Workplace Analysis

As any interior designer will confirm, the more time spent at the planning stage, the better, and ideally, the contractor would directly employ their own office design team, who have the know-how and the experience to design a work area that is both stylish and functional. In order to promote optimum efficiency, the needs of the business must first be analysed, and together with the client’s input, a provisional concept would be created.

Office Design

The next step is to draw up the design, and with the contractor’s experience, they will ensure that everything is covered, and being an established business, they would have access to a range of trades and materials that allows them to complete a project without bringing in a third party. Once the final plans are approved, the work can commence, and the installation team would be accustomed to working evenings and weekends, in an effort to minimise the disruption to the client’s business activities. It is possible for a company to continue with their daily activities while the work is being carried out, and with careful zoning and some co-ordination, your business will not suffer as a result of the refurbishment.

Contract Completion

The contractor would ensure that the work was completed to schedule and to the budget, which are both equally important, and with access to many resources, any site issue can quickly be overcome. There are often times when one has to improvise and thinking outside the box would ensure that things go according to plan. Ideally, you would have your own project manager, who is assigned to you by the contractor, and it is their job to ensure that all the materials and equipment are on site, and this would be the person who liaises with the client.

As long as you have an experienced office refurbishment contractor on your side, everything will move along smoothly, and with the minimum of disruption, your new office will begin to take shape.

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