Supply chain management vs logistics

Supply chain management and logistics are often considered to be two sides of the same coin. To put it simply, what is considered to be logistics management in Europe is more commonly known as supply chain management in the United States.

What is Supply Chain Management and Logistics?

A supply chain refers to a network or multiple companies that work together and need to coordinate their actions in order to get a product delivered to a market. Logistics on the other hand refers to those activities that are undertaken by a single organisation.

Traditionally, logistics concerns itself with activities such as distribution, procurement, inventory management and maintenance. Supply chain management can be considered to be the combination of traditional logistics and other activities such as new product development, marketing, customer service and finance. In a nutshell, logistics is a subset of supply chain management.

What is Logistics?

Logistics means fulfilment of 7 R’s which is getting the right product, in the right quantity, to the right customer, in the right condition, at the right time, at the right cost and at the right place.

Each of these services- transport, warehouse which involves the use of heavy duty containers, production planning, purchasing and customer service were earlier classified into different departments, but they have been brought under the integrated logistics department and usually report to the same head.

What is Logistics Management?

According to Paul Schönsleben, logistics management is largely related to the effective and efficient management of the daily activities that a company needs to undertake to produce the finished goods and services.

Difference between Outbound and Inbound Logistics

Outbound logistics is concerned with the finished goods reaching the customers after being dispatched from the company. Inbound logistics on the other hand refer to the movement of raw materials and goods which takes place between the suppliers and the company.

Warehouse and Purchasing function are known as the supplier facing functions as they involve communication with suppliers. Inventory control function and production planning is the center point of this chart. Similarly, transport and customer service are known as the customer facing functions as involve communication with customers.

What are Transport and Logistics?

There are two types of activities that transport and logistics refer to and these are the traditional services of transportation by sea/air/land transportation, customs clearance, warehousing and value added services such as consulting and information technology.

What is meant by Supply Chain Management?

The definition of supply chain management varies greatly as each researcher defines it differently. Following is one such definition by Michael Hugos.

Supply chain management refers to the collective effort undertaken by several companies to coordinate their inventory, production, transportation and location to maximise their efficiency and responsiveness to best serve their market.

What is Supply Chains?

According to Martin Christopher, supply chain refers to the network of companies that work in coalition and are involved in different activities and processes with the common objective of creating value for customers in the form of services and products.

What is Supply Chain Network?

Different companies have different ways of dealing with supply chain management. Some companies have a dedicated department which controls supply chain activity which means that it is one function for them. Some companies believe that it is a type of management system and that it needs to be part of IT (enterprise resource planning or information system).

In reality, supply chain management is a network which consists of supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. There may be other players involved in real life examples, but for the sake of understanding we have assumed the above four players.

What is really meant by management is planning, implementing and controlling and therefore supply chain management means planning, implementing and controlling of the network.

What is information sharing?

Another crucial aspect of supply chain management system is the flow of information, material and finance. Even though it is concerned with three types of flow, the most crucial one is information sharing or information flow.

Let us suppose that the demand data of customers is not shared. This leads to speculation by each player involved in the same supply chain which can go on to become a management issue. If the retailer raises a demand for 100 units and at every step of the process, each player keeps more stock, it can drastically increase the costs that need to be incurred by each player in the supply chain.

This situation can be easily avoided by transmitting correct information to each player in the supply chain. When the individual teams that handle demand management in each of the players’ organisations from the retailer to the supplier, there is no need for speculating a higher demand and keeping extra stock. This can effectively lower the cost for every player in the supply chain. This is sometimes known as supply chain visibility or extended supply chain.

Effective information sharing eliminates the need to use solutions such as digital supply chain, supply chain systems, artificial intelligence or predictive analytics.

What is Supply chain coordination?

In order to share information efficiently, there needs to be a certain level of coordination (integration or collaboration). The earliest examples of supply chain coordination dates back to 1984 when companies in the apparel industry reduced their overall lead-time by working together. A similar trend began in 1995 when organisations in the automotive industry started sharing information by using Electronic Data Interchange.

What is meant by supply chain relationship?

Long term relationship is important for those who want to work as the same team. In the absence of a good relationship, every player in the supply chain is reduced to a separate entity with a different agenda/strategy. For this reason, it is advised that companies must focus on building good and long term relationships to improve the overall efficiency of the supply chain.

Supply chain management and logistics are terms that are often used interchangeably. Some are of the opinion that there is absolutely no difference between them and that supply chain management is merely the ‘new’ logistics.


Importance of Metal Jacketing Industries

Metal jacketing is utilized to give assurance to protected funnels and other gear from climate and mechanical enduring. Numerous ventures like the petrochemical businesses, treatment facilities, and so on require industrial insulation frameworks. The metal jacketing is additionally used to ensure protection materials connected on surfaces which go about as warm hindrances to shield from physical harm. One of the significant foes of the greater part of the protection material is dampness.

It lessens the working proficiency of the protection material and diminishes the warm protection gave. Metal jacketing gives a decent security against dampness to such protection materials.

Metal jacketing frameworks are produced in numerous shapes and from numerous materials. Idle metals are liked to create metal jacketing. The absolute most regular materials utilized are:

Aluminum jacketing

Treated steel jacketing

Fittings and elbows

Layered sheets


Lashing instruments

Attaching gadgets



Aluminum jacketing is typically delivers in rolls. This specific metal jacketing accompanies the alternative of smooth of stucco decorated completion, decisions in dampness boundary, and so on. Treated steel jacketing is made from great hardened steel like T-304 to fulfill industry guidelines. The liquefying purposes of these amazing steel utilized in assembling tempered steel jacketing are in the range from 1400 degree centigrade to give incredible protection from warmth related issues. Like aluminum jacketing, tempered steel jacketing is additionally accessible in smooth completion, stucco embellished complete, plant complete, and so on. It is utilized to give assurance from erosion and included warm insurance. The most well-known enterprises utilizing tempered steel jacketing are treatment facilities and businesses managing concoction mixes. It is additionally utilized in the portion where one needs to manage the issue of high temperatures. Attributable to these properties the suggested zones of utilization of treated steel are:

Security from consumption

Amazing assurance from flame related dangers

Segments that expect high physical maltreatment and in this manner require better insurance from mileage.

Polysurlyn is utilized as an overlaying material to give dampness hindrance to a wide range of metal jacketing frameworks. Polysurlyn is comprises of 3 layers of film squeezed together to frame a solitary layer. It has better execution against dampness and along these lines is widely utilized instead of polykraft in the most recent metal jacketing frameworks. The three layers are made of elite layer of high thickness polyethylene, surlyn and low thickness polyethylene. The benefits of utilizing Polysurlyn are:

It demonstrates minimal probability of engrossing water.

Magnificent dormancy to dampness. It opposes physical disintegration or staining on delayed introduction.

Have high physical steadiness and is extreme. This property comes helpful during establishment process as scraped area is decreased.

It is very sturdy and is dormant to a wide scope of contaminants.


Things to consider when planning a wedding budget

Getting married is extremely exciting but it can also be extremely stressful, especially on the budget. When you’re organising a wedding you often start out with a humble budget, but when you total all the expenses you’re suddenly looking at a figure that gives you a heart attack. It’s almost always going to be ‘more than you expected’. And in no time at all you will be asking yourself, ‘how can we afford this?’ It is often the reason why many people extend their engagement period, to give them more time to save. But, weddings don’t need to be a huge burden on your budget. While we can’t deny that it’s pricey, there are always ways to cut costs. But, it’s not easy knowing where to spend money and where to cut costs. Here are some things to consider when planning a wedding budget.

Wedding rings

This is probably one of the few areas you want to not cut too much on your budget. Your wedding rings are items you will be keeping with you for the rest of your lives and will be wearing every day. You want to not just like it but love it. So, look for designer wedding rings Melbourne to find reputable jewellers who can help you. They are professionals in their field so trust them to help you find your dream ring.

Photographers and videographers

It is definitely worth having a good photographer, but the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best. Get recommendations from friends or have a look at their galleries online. But when it comes to paying for a videographer, will you really watch those videos afterward? Ask your friends to capture the speeches and fun moments on their phones so that you can go through them afterward and see what you’ve missed. It’s good to have these, but don’t spend lots of money on fancy videos that will probably sit on your shelf and be watched twice.


Does anyone ever really remember what was on the table? Or what flowers you had? Sure, the guests may remember it was pretty, but what they’ll mostly remember is the fun they had and the atmosphere of the wedding. This can’t be bought with table decorations, this is created by your friends and family.


Good food does count, but good food doesn’t have to be fancy food. People want to eat yummy food and not be hungry. Sometimes overly fancy food makes people feel awkward. Wholesome food feels familiar and relaxed. Don’t go overboard with the desserts either, especially if you’re having a wedding cake. Too many desserts and no-one will eat the wedding cake you spent so much money on.


If you have a particular place that is sentimental to you, it’s worth going the extra mile to have your wedding there. But, if not, then find a few places that offer what you’re looking for and then get them to compete against each other, throw in some extra’s or reduce the per head rate.


Why take a Flower Arranging Course

Life is full of interesting choices, and generally full of chances to learn, grow, and develop. Education pushes us to do better, and to improve as people. The right kind of learning could also help you to see a new opportunity for yourself in life – a new chance to make a career for yourself you had never previously considered. For example, have you considered becoming a florist?

When you choose to learn about flower arranging, for example, you might choose to take on a flower arranging course. Why would you take on such a course, though?

Learn to make your home nicer

One of the best parts of a flower arrangement course is the valuable life lessons. Before long, you will be keeping your home in a much nicer condition than you did previously. Your floral arrangements will carry more creativity and panache, and this will make sure you have greater confidence in your home.

Your neighbours will start asking you who done your flower arrangements for you, such is the quality compared to the norm.

Open up your creative side

Often, we don’t even know how creative and how appealing we can be from a creative standpoint. We often find that our most effective creative skills stay locked and hidden away within us. A flower arranging course, though, would soon help you to pierce through that and start seeing more creative skills within yourself.

For a lot of people, that creative side becomes far more open when they take on something like a flower arranging course.

Learn skills you never knew that you had

One of the best parts of taking on a flower arranging course is that you might just show yourself that you have some amazing skills hidden deep within. You might find that this not only shows off your more creative side, but also helps you to shin a light on your more outgoing, attentive side.

You’ll soon realise that you have skills in organisation, creative thinking, and artistic design; three key skills for building a better future.

Start your own business

Of course, you might love the aspect of arranging flowers so much that you decide to start your own business. Whether you get into aspects like floral arrangement for weddings, or you choose to run your own florists, you will find that this opens up an ambition inside you that you didn’t previously consider. Before long, you’ll be looking at creating business plans to make this your new job!

Many people find that going on a flower arranging course is more than just a way to pass the time. It opens up their ability to be creative and inventive with nature. It lets you also see that you have more creativity within you than you could ever notice or recognise.

For that reason, taking on a floral arrangement course should be a good idea for anyone. If you seek to know more about yourself and to find your creative spark, this is the perfect way to make sure that you can do just that.


The Event Planner’s Day-Before Checklist

As every event planner knows, careful organisation is the key to a smooth, seamless event. Using a detailed diary that breaks down the planning of the event over the amount of time you have to commit to the project is a great way to ensure that you have absolutely every detail covered by the time the big day arrives. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate conference, or a glamorous cocktail party, a detailed checklist will always be a planner’s best friend. Once everything has been booked and you’re in the final days and hours before the big day, make sure you cover these crucial details.

  1. Get the equipment ready. Having to set up for your event on the day itself can be immensely stressful and is practically asking for something to go horribly wrong. If possible, it’s always best to get the venue itself set up in the days leading up to the event. This means you’ll need to book your temporary fencing hire to be set up in advance if areas need to be sealed off from the public so they can be put up before the day, get the entire indoor and outdoor space looking-picture perfect ahead of time, and delegate tasks to your team in an efficient way that ensures everything is ready with minimal stress or chaos.
  2. Run a briefing session. While your team has probably been preparing for this event for some time and know the ins and outs well at this stage, everyone can use a good refresher before the day to make sure they know exactly what their responsibilities are and what your expectations are. Gather the whole events team together, from the top planners to the wait staff, and make sure everyone is aware of the entire schedule and run through the day from before the event begins to the clean-up period.
  3. Run a final guest check. There are always those few people who RSVP late, cancel at the last minute, and generally make getting your registration and name-tag printing process more complicated than it needs to be. That’s inevitable. Use the time before the event to run a final check of every registered attendee and to check that every guest has a name tag if necessary, a seat, and that plenty of extra supplies are on hand if more guests show up than expected – depending on the event in question, of course.
  4. Stock the tables. Once your team has finished setting up all of the tables, chairs and decor, it’s time to make sure your tables are completely ready for the morning. This is particularly important if you’re event planning a corporate brand launch or conference. Get all of the media tables ready with everything they need, from press packs to stationary, freebies, pens and staplers.
  5. Timetable carefully. If speeches are going to be made, awards are going to be handed out, or music and lighting is going to be appearing at particular points in the day, all of these details should be listed clearly on a full schedule. You’ll have this schedule prepared by this point, no doubt, but it’s always helpful to check with any speakers and performers ahead of time to ensure that they’re clear on their allotted time slot and that everyone involved is informed and prepared.


Things You Should Look For In The Resource Management Tools

Spreadsheets are one of the main components of any business organisation. Most of the times, situations might arise when you find that the spreadsheets might be irrelevant or outdated. The same can happen with the manual logs too. You have to make a planning pool for the resources to reduce the abnormalities of the datasheets.

The resource management tools can help extensively to reduce the chances of the work getting outdated. These management tools help in the aspect of allocation of the resources, making correct data points and timely delivery in an automated way.

Given following are some prominent things you need to look for while taking the tools for resource management.

Good Configurability

Configurability is one of the main aspects that the tools of the resource manager should have. Good configuration helps in extracting reports in the correct time. Consider checking if the tool shows you the vital aspects of decision making. It also helps in increasing productivity.

Enhanced Visibility

Before buying the tools for the resource management you should always check whether it provides you with the total visibility in your organisation. The workload in the company can be managed as well as distributed properly if the management tools provide complete visibility. Visibility also helps in increasing the transparency which is vital in the case of an organisation. The companies providing the resource management tools ensure that the project managers can work with ease creating the updated format of the datasheets with colour codes, charts etc. the workforce gets automatically restored.

Capacity Management

In the case of demand forecasting, the tools for resource management might make a big success. The organisation can put the utility in the different departments in accordance with the demand of the project. The chances of the failure of the project can therefore minimise. You can avoid the situations of both overutilization and underutilization of the skilled staff.

With the correct exploitation of the tools of resource management, the executives can work efficiently in regards to the optimisation of the workload. In an organisation, the equilibrium of the workload always helps the organisation to work with excellent quality. It helps in increasing the profit of the organisation.

Skill Comparisons Is enhanced

The resource management tools should always show you the correct data in case of making the skill-based rank chart. In the case of every project, you can put the resources in an advanced time.

So, these are the aspects on which you should always look upon while buying a tool for resource management. An efficient tool can help you with easy resource allocation. You can be sure about the increased productivity of the organisation and the increased profitability. These tools act as a friendly guide to the organisation.


How To Pick Absolutely The Perfect Office Furniture?

Furniture gives life to your office. Therefore, whenever you are planning to open your own office you cannot avoid including furniture into that planning. Are you looking for absolutely stylish, stunning and durable furniture for your corporate premise? Well, then you can simply contact Rapid Office furniture for the same.

Things to consider:

Selecting office furniture is not an easy task rather it is quite challenging especially if you have no prior experience. Therefore, you are recommended taking recommendations or advice from experts for getting the best furniture sets for your office premise. Some commonest factors need to be essentially considered for making a perfect selection of office furniture and those factors have been illustrated below.

  • Finding out the best furniture store is the most important task and if you neglect doing so then you will never be able to get the perfect furniture for your office. Many names will come forward while surfing online but you have to go through comments and rating for finding the best one out. Recent studies say that Rapid Office furniture is currently offering a great range of some of the most exclusively designed office- urniture. Visit the site online for catching up more details about those varieties.
  • You have to choose the finest brands and materials for receiving the best furniture at the end of the day. Popular brands will never cheat you rather they will always try to give you absolutely flawless and verified quality. Make sure that the materials you are choosing are not only eco-friendly in nature but are durable as well. Brands should give a proper guarantee for quality assurance.
  • Ergonomic style is the most popular style for office furniture. This style ensures high-level comfort and convenience and this is why, it is found to be the most trusted one amongst all. Your staff will remain in comfort and will never develop any kind of physical ailments especially back or shoulder aches even after sitting for long hours in the office. Therefore, keeping the health of your staff in mind you should always choose only this particular style of furniture.
  • Make sure the furniture items are so flexible that they can be easily customised for satisfying the needs of your office and staff. Customisation brings the highest comfort and if you want to include the same in your office furniture then flexibility should definitely be considered.

Rapid Office furniture has brought some absolutely hand picked furniture collections for making your office look more decorative and beautiful.


Office Space For Lease

The leasing of offices is the main concern of many companies. In addition to the impact of the cost of office rental, there are other vital factors. Some of the important factors that play a role in the choice of office space are employee satisfaction, production, growth restrictions and, very importantly, the corporate aspect. To get fair treatment, it is important to have an expert who knows the current market trend and, of course, the person must understand their needs well. A veteran tenant representative can get you a very proper deal.

Tenants do not look for a new office space very often, but landlords often use it to rent their office space. Therefore, the tenant must be really intelligent and attentive and should receive a representative solely for this purpose. Even if you require a nominal fee, it will save you more expenses and will not give you serious complications. Ultimately, you will find that the money spent on hiring a tenant representative to solve the office rental problem is worth it!

Buy or rent offices?

This is a question that each business must carefully consider. The future is absolutely uncertain, especially due to the constantly changing nature of the vacancy rates for offices and securities markets. Therefore, it is important that the owner of a business carefully study the advantages and disadvantages of buying or renting office space from

Now let’s see what are the advantages of renting offices.

First, the lease gives the tenant the opportunity to choose the location and the image that the project creates. The lease option is really profitable, especially if you are in retail or in the restaurant business. The reason is that these companies depend on the location and the image.

One of the important advantages of leasing is that you do not have to invest a lot of money in office space and, therefore, you can easily spend this money on managing your business.

In addition, you should not be responsible for the property.

The owner of the property has too many responsibilities and takes them, eats a lot of time. Therefore, the space of the leasing office allows you to focus on your company and work without problems.

Among the shortcomings of the leasing process, the first thing that deserves mention is the unsustainable cost factor. When renting, your rent may increase annually, as long as you incur a high cost at the end of the lease. Another less than lease has no capital. Will fund the retirement of another person with their lease payments.

However, leasing offices is a fairly flexible process.

The cost of office space depends on the actual data that is leased. Normally, the tenant must pay a loan in advance for one month for the premises and services rented in the annual contract. All services are prepaid. The usual price range for renting separate offices, two office apartments, three office apartments and four office apartments is $ 90-150, $ 200-350, $ 280- $ 425, $ 400- $ 750 per month, respectively.


Commercial Cleaning Services for Every Company

Except for the fact that a lot of people do enjoy cleaning and they consider it as exercise, a commercial cleaning service is a pertinent professional service. It does not matter whether you are a business retailer or the manager of a huge store, a commercial Cleaning Service Melbourne can help you save time and effort. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your establishment or workplace is always in order. It may suffice for small offices to have maid services whether weekly or monthly. The larger commercial establishments need more extensive cleaning services.

What comprises a commercial cleaning company?

A commercial cleaning company offers services that entail several tasks in need of specialized equipment like power washers, carpet cleaners, and floor polishers or floor buffers. The best ones are those companies that can offer a full range of cleaning services that include bathrooms, parking lots, and exterior facades. A professional cleaning company will be able to maintain all the carpets and floors of the property, remove trash and practice recycling, change lightbulbs, and offer emergency cleaning services.

Choosing a commercial cleaning service is not as simple as you think unless you know some steps to follow:

Uses environment-friendly cleaning solutions

A reliable cleaning service must only use non-toxic and environment-friendly cleaning solutions to make sure that your health will not be jeopardized.


Before you decide on a particular cleaning company, you have to be sure of its equipment and all its cleaning supplies. The company will always use state of the art equipment and technology to ensure spotless cleaning. The cleaning company that is equipped with updated equipment and organic cleaning solutions can easily clean up stains.


Through insurance coverage, the customer is assured of liability claim for any incident that may happen during the cleaning. That is why you always need to verify their very own insurance certificate. Majority of the companies carry a minimum amount for compensation instead of having an insurance certificate.


Before you hire a company, you need to ask about its price structure. If you think it is reasonable, then go ahead and hire the company. Make it a point that you hire a company that is known for high quality service and reasonable rates. A reliable cleaning service will come up with target-oriented packages based on the needs of different companies.

Cleaning Checklist

You have to ask the cleaning company about their cleaning checklist. This will give you an idea about their performed tasks. Make sure that the checklist has been signed by the management of various companies.


It’s wise to get the names of commercial cleaning services from companies that used their services in the past. Find out about their experiences with the cleaning service and if they were satisfied of it. It is also smart to check the company’s website and observe if its customer service is efficient and reliable. You must also visit the physical location of the commercial cleaning company to validate their services.


Recycle Your Old X-Rays the Right Way

It might be that you are a doctor who is going through your old case files, and you have a few extra copies which you could stand to dispose of in a safe fashion. It might be that you are a patient, and have the same concern regarding your copy of an X-ray from a procedure you had. In either case, you want to be sure that the X-ray in question is completely and safely shredded. The last thing you want is for your personal information to be revealed to someone rooting around in trash bins looking to do just that. Those are the unfortunate depths to which some will sink to try and illegally obtain information about others in this age of increased identity theft.

Thankfully, you can protect your identity, as well as your privacy, by calling upon the best company for secure x-ray film recycling in Kidderminster.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to securing proper X-ray film recycling services, not the least of which being:

  • The peace of mind knowing that your X-rays have been properly disposed of
  • The ability to get rid of extra X-ray film
  • The knowledge that the process is green-friendly, with recycling services converting X-ray films into in-demand resources, such as paper and plastic

Experience You Can Trust

When it comes to a process as sensitive as recycling your old X-rays, you’re going to want to turn to a team you can trust. That’s why the best experts in the industry can point to decades of dedicated service and a great track record to match.

Get rid of your old X-rays the right way with the best recycling options in Kidderminster.