Do You Need To Hire A Real Estate Agent?


First time Buyers

When purchasing or selling a home, some may question the need to find a Realtor in the belief they may save themselves some money. Buyers and especially first time home buyers should consider enlisting their own representative.

Finding a Good Realtor

Ask your coworkers, neighbors, family and friends for the names of Saanich BC real estate agents they would recommend to assist you with this process. Go to open houses and talk to the various agents, notice how they conduct an open house, who do you feel the most comfortable dealing with. Are they knowledgeable about the areas you’re looking in, have information about schools, recreation facilities or churches you may need to make an informed decision. Determine which one is really listening to your needs and has the right expertise to deal with a first time buyer.

Why have a Buyer’s Agent

As a buyer, it doesn’t cost you anything to have someone represent your interests, the seller pays the fees and if there is a buyer and seller’s agent they would split the commission. The seller’s agent can work for both parties, however, it’s advisable to have some who has your best interests in mind. A Saanich BC real estate professional can help you evaluate the value of the property and negotiate the best possible price. An agent can check prices of any comparable properties that have sold recently in the area.They can help with the many facets of the transaction process, connect you with a reputable lender, home inspector and other service people. Since it doesn’t cost you anything consider whether you are completely informed and up to date on all the legal aspects of buying a home. Would you know if the seller is using all the necessary and correct forms.

Are you receiving the proper disclosures and capable of handling the legal contracts on your own. Errors or omissions can result in legal problems and the loss of your hard earned money unless you are 100% confident in your ability to not make any mistakes. You can choose as a first time buyer to forgo finding your own Realtor but the best advice would be not to take that chance. As the purchaser it costs you nothing to have an expert act on your behalf and make your home buying experience worry free. The tips listed above will help you be informed when deciding if you want to use a buyer’s agent when making what is the largest purchase most of us make in our lifetime.

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