From Towbars and Trailers to Racks and Carriers: How to Pick the Best Supplier


If you find yourself in need of a new boat trailer, transport hitch, or bicycle rack, it’s in your best interests to focus on picking the right supplier as opposed to finding the right products, for durable trailer provisions are fairly widespread and accessible whereas reputable brokers and trustworthy manufacturers are not.

So if you’d like to avoid working with a fast-talking merchant or exorbitantly-priced manufacturer, feel free to use this brief exposé as a comprehensive checklist to help you separate the contenders from the pretenders during your research. Regardless of whether you happen to be a business owner looking for a new supplier or a retail shopper seeking out a great one-time deal, this article will allow you to vet the local landscape like a true industry maven.

Company History and Infrastructure

First things first, you’ll want to ensure that every supplier on your shortlist has a long-standing history of engineering, manufacturing, and procuring desirable trailer components. With this notion in mind, you should scroll down to the “About Us” section of each website and look for the following salient characteristics:

  • 40+ years of experience within the sector
  • 20+ physical storefronts, stockists, and retail partners
  • Full network of service centres and fitting facilities
  • Sales support and technical backup sourced from a head office

Accreditations and Testimonials

After documenting a few of the long-standing merchants in your vicinity, the next step involves comparing and contrasting each company’s documented accreditations and certifications. In this regard, the most renowned trailer suppliers, such as the Indespension organisation, for instance, pride themselves on being able to tout the following industry-specific recognitions and endorsements:

  • SMMT membership (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders)
  • ECWVTA type approved
  • British Royal Family endorsement (By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen)
  • REALEX secure payment portal for online transactions

Plus, you should also be able to find an easy-accessible customer testimonials section replete with authentic first-hand accounts and targeted client reviews; honourable suppliers tend to feature an entire webpage dedicated solely to recommendations and references.

The Suite of Services

The last phase of your research will involve evaluating each company’s suite of services to ascertain their relevant proficiencies, aptitudes, and in-house versatility. Shown below, you’ll find the ideal scope of services in today’s day and age:

  • Wide selection of towbars, with the ability to search for specific products by inputting your vehicle registration number.
  • Vast array of trailers, ranging from car transporters and flatbeds to livestock trailers, tippers, barrel transports, and more.
  • Inclusive range of racks and carriers, including roof bars, roof boxes, bike carriers, and tailor-made frameworks.
  • Bespoke axle manufacturing service, which covers the entire process from the idea and design to engineering and fabrication.
  • In-house assortment of used products, including fittings, wheels, prop stands, lighting solutions, winches, and replacement parts.
  • Comprehensive for-hire service, including car transport services, box van hires, and goods trailer rentals as well.
  • Buy Now Pay Later financing options on all products and services.

With this information at your disposal, you’re more than prepared to start assessing and vetting the trailer suppliers in your vicinity. So print out this brief article, and refer to it frequently during your investigative research.

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