Heavy Rigid License Training- Everything You Should Know Before You Start the Course


A heavy rigid truck is described by the Department of Transport as any vehicle having three or more axles. The ordinary passenger car has a single axle in the front that allows you to maintain control of the vehicle. However, you can’t just graduate from driving a simple passenger car to a large, heavy rigid vehicle. Instead, you will need to undergo proper training and obtain a special license that allows you to drive such massive vehicles on public roads. Drivers of heavy rigid vehicles need to be very vigilant and must remain alert at all times, especially when considering the sheer size and mass of the vehicle.

Operating a heavy rigid vehicle is not an easy task at all. Making sure that you drive in a proper lane and follow the rules and regulations of the road is vitally important. Drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and make sure that they avoid any passenger cars on the road. There have been many gruesome accidents in the past involving heavy rigid vehicles in which many lives have been lost. Because of the gigantic size of the vehicle, the chances of survival in case of an accident are next to none. That is why drivers need to maintain peak performance and undergo medical testing to ensure that they are capable of driving such a heavy truck. Proper heavy rigid licence training is required for drivers before they can get behind the wheel of such a massive truck.

What’s Included in the Training Course?

First of all, you should know that simply completing the training course doesn’t guarantee that you will get your license. After the end of the course, all that you will receive is an endorsement saying that the training course has been completed. Afterwards, you will have to sit down for another test that’s conducted by the Department of Motor Vehicles before you can receive your official license.

The training course will first cover the theoretical side of things, which includes a detailed understanding of all the rules and regulations that drivers need to follow while on the road. They will also learn about the many systems included in the vehicle and each trainee will also receive proper defensive driving instructions.

Once the theoretical portion of the course has been completed, the training programme will move more towards the practical elements of driving. This includes on-road driving sessions under the supervision of a licensed and experienced instructor, as well as a proper class for polishing your reversing skills. You will also learn how to secure loads and properly strap the goods in place before driving away.

Why Take the Class?

Taking the training course is essential for drivers who are thinking about applying for a heavy rigid license. It’s designed to give you information and advice on how to tackle the test and get your license on the first attempt. As a driver, you will need to understand your responsibilities when you get behind the wheel. Taking this type of class is vitally important, so that you are well prepared for the test when you apply for the official license.

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