How can you secure your patent?


When an inventor, professionalist, or any person works hard to make an invention, then its first preference is to share its invention with others but also protect it from copy. Most people ask the question is there a way to protect their ideas? Yes, there is; you can preserve your ideas and invention just by patenting them. Sharing your ideas provides an opportunity to get success and make your business more traffic. Along with ideas, the terms are important before sharing them with the people.

Ø Patentability search:

Patents are basic rights that are granted to the inventors to excluding others from stealing their ideas and making and selling their products for 20- years. But moving towards the next step first do Patentability Search.

It will help you to know the uniqueness of your idea. You will also be able to know whether the content is already patented or not. You can also contact to U.S. Patent Office for this purpose. After thorough research, process the file an application with the USPTO for the patent if your invention is patentable.

You can apply by a provisional and non-provisional patent application.

Ø Filing a provisional application:

Filing the provisional patent application is the most secure and cheapest way. In the U.S and other countries, you have to file a provisional patent application before a non-provisional application as it functions first to files and first to invent.

With the provisional patent, you can also use the term patent-pending to secure your file. If your file has this term, it will likely have fewer chances of stealing. People will ignore it due to no licensing. 

  • Filing the non-provisional patent application:

Always keep in mind that filing the provisional application is not enough for securing the patent. If you want actual protection of patent, then filing of non-provisional application is necessary. You can file the non-provisional application within 12 months of the provisional application.

Ø Patent drawings:

Patent drawings are much important, along with the patent application. Although according to USPTO, at least one patent drawing should be with the application, it is better to attach multiple from different angles. It will help you to claim in court that your content has everything if someone says that it does not have. It will help you to clear your points against every claim with proves. The patent drawing should be vivid and according to the standard of your invention. Try to cover all the specifications of your invention. For a patent securing with the above things, it is vital to be unique, new, and nonobvious. It requires to be different from any Prior art.

Ø Securing potent from stolen:

After being approved by USPTO, now your potent requires protection from stealing. You have the right to protect it in different ways, such as

  • You can agree with one who wants to use your patented intellectual property. You can offer to use, make, sell and import your invention for a fee with a written agreement. It is better to agree with an attorney. The attorney should be trustable as the consensus will include sensitive information from both sides. It will cost you about $500 to $1000 for an agreement. If the other party uses your invention without the consensus, you have the right to take him to court as he is committed to violation of rights.
  • Don’t be afraid of rejection. If your application takes about 16-17 months for approval or any response, there may be a chance of rejection. If it is rejected, you will get a time of three months for a response. During this time, you can improve your patent securing application and cover your flaws also.

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