Important Things To Learn About SSSTS Training Program


Stands for Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme, SSSTS course is demanding course in the construction industry, helping professionals to fulfil their big dreams.

The UK SSSTS Training Course Cover a Number of Learning Aspects:

  • Knowing problems associated with the construction industry.
  • Appreciating the significance of health and safety government norms.
  • Identify the supervisory skills those quite helpful for aspiring site managers.
  • SSSTS also cover carrying out possible risk analysis and the significance of method declarations.
  • Learning the art for managing emergency situations those which erupt out of the blues at a construction site.

Comprehensing the significance of both the types of monitoring an operational place- proactive and reactive and pros & cons of each.

What The SSSTS Course All About?

Well, the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme is a practical training program of 2 days, which is focused at training construction industry professionals, on how to deal with daily operations at construction sites in order to secure the good health and complete safety of workers. This course will make you aware of all the things you need to tick in order fill the shoes of a site supervisor. So, if you are a site supervisor or aspiring to be one, then undergoing the UK SSSTS course can prove to be good for you. This is the reason this course has achieved popularity around the globe, and professionals are getting benefited from it to secure their career goals.

By taking this 2-day practical course, as a site supervisor, you got to learn every bit of site supervisor’s responsibilities-health, safety, welfare & environment problems, in addition to legal duties to comply. The primary objective of this course is to make supervisors know the legal and ethical responsibility when it comes to creating a safe & healthy environment for the workers at a construction site.

How Can I Enroll For The SSSTS Course   

If you are associated with the construction industry as a site supervisor and expecting a promotion as a site manager, then you can undergo this course to learn new aspects of managing a site.

You need to clear an end of this 2-day course examination in order to get the official SSSTS certification. In addition, your performance will be noted throughout both the days in name of interactive sessions. The validity Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme course is 5 years, but, the experts of construction fraternity recommend it is better to undergo this course once in 2 years, and the laws & norms are continuously changing.

Often your company can ask you to go for this course as a part of training program or by self you can take up the SSSTS course to learn the art of administering, managing & monitoring a construction site.

Wrapping up, after going through the above subheadings, you probably come to know about several aspects of the SSSTS course and their importance in your professional life. So, don’t think or rethink, apply for the UK SSSTS course either online or class program today.

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