Improve Your Gas Station’s Visibility While Cutting Costs With LED Canopy Lighting


The visual appeal of your gas station plays a major role in the success of your business. A bright and clear canopy can be the difference between ”let’s stop here” or ”lets drive to the next station” for motorists. Your gas station lighting gives the first impression for customers to judge the friendliness, accessibility, and safety of your business. Invest in LED canopy lighting to transform your gas station into a branded landmark and a welcoming space that will attract more drivers. LED canopy lights are designed to offer increased visibility and powerful energy efficiency. LED lights have an unmatched lifespan allowing you to save big on energy bills and maintenance expenses. You can optimize your savings further by utilizing smart energy management systems that allow for maintenance planning and light levels optimization.

Advantages of Upgrading to LED Canopy Lighting

From improving customers’ experiences at your gas station to cutting down on costs, there are many reasons why you should consider switching to LED lighting.

Makes Your Gas Station More Appealing

Many gas stations have been set up making the competition in this industry is quite high. Using LED lighting gives you a cut above the competition. Motorists tend to gravitate towards the gas stations that have better lighting at night because they offer a greater sense of safety. LED lights provide bright lighting and they don’t change color with age thus giving a cleaner look than other bulbs throughout their lifespan. Installing LED canopy lighting will allow you to compete with neighbouring gas stations and retain your customers.

LED Lights Require Less Maintenance

Halide bulbs cost businesses a lot in maintenance. LED lights, on the other hand, have a long lifespan of about 50,000 hours per fixture and rarely suffer from damage, cutting on the maintenance frequency. In addition to needing little to no maintenance, a blown LED diode is far less noticeable compared to a halide bulb.

Saves On Energy

Lighting makes up the largest part of energy bills in most gas stations. LED lights bring significant energy savings since they are designed to be energy efficient. Using LED lights ultimately reduces your operational costs which in turn increases your profits.

Making The Most of LED Canopy Lights

The wattage reductions involved in LED conversions make some gas stations owners fear underlighting their fueling areas if they use LED lights. To make sure your lighting appear consistent in color and brightness so that it can stand out at night;

1. Highlight the main product, Fuel

Angle some canopy LED lights towards the pumps and let others point straight down. The brightly lit pumps and pillars will attract motorists from a distance.

2. Don’t leave your customers in the dark

Ensure the parking lot is well lit, especially near the store entrance. You can use high pole-mounted area lights for the parking lot since LED lights have sharp cutoffs which can create a dark boundary between the canopy and store entrance.

3. Use products like shields, light diffusers and other optical controls to shield approaching drivers from glare while still saving energy.

LED Canopy Installation

LED lighting requires a serious investment. Hiring the right contactor ensures you get the proper number and placement of your LED lighting fixtures so as to get value for your money. A reputiable company like Tom Sawyer Construction will offer professional lighting optimization and can analyses your gas station to develop a LED lighting strategy that meets your needs. A good construction company will have the ability to enable gas station owners to increase energy efficiency, increase safety and visibility, all while reducing bills by correctly and safely installing canopies.

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