Keep Your Property’s Electrical System Safe with Regular Testing


Time has a way of wearing down electrical appliances and cabling. When appliances and cabling erode, they become unsafe. That is why you need to have routine electrical testing performed. Electrical inspection includes PAT testing, periodic checking, and landlord’s safety certifications.

PAT Testing Requirements

If you run a business, PAT testing is a requirement. PAT is an acronym that stands for portable appliance testing. Therefore, this type of assessment includes an examination of electrical equipment and appliances for safety purposes. Whilst most electrical defects can be spotted visually, other defects can only be discovered by testing. However, a visual assessment is still a main part of the examination protocol.

What the Law States

In the UK, the 1989 Electricity at Work regulations mandate that any electrical equipment that can cause injury must be regularly maintained. By having an electrical check, you can ensure that your equipment is functioning and is kept in good condition according to the law.

Who to Contact

The number of times you need to have equipment or appliances tested depends on the environment and the items. For instance, a lamp located in a hotel room requires less testing than a power tool that is used at a construction site. To obtain further information about this type of check, you need to speak to a company, such as Aspect Electrical, that regularly makes these types of evaluations.

Routinely Schedule Electrical Testing

By knowing who to contact for regular testing, you can ensure the safety of your workplace or property, and rest assured that inspections are being performed at the right time periods. Whilst you are not legally required to keep records or tag equipment, it is still a good idea to carry out this processes. By keeping a record of or labelling the equipment, you can use these activities as tools in managing inspections and tracking the efficiency of your maintenance scheme.

Do You Have New Equipment?

If you have new electrical equipment, it should be provided in a safe condition. Therefore, a formal test or check is not required. However, you may want to have a visual assessment performed to ensure that the item has not been damaged.

How to Make a Selection for a Testing Company

Again, the company you select to perform inspections should be competent and committed to this type of work. If you need to perform a combined inspection or check, you should use a company that has a higher level of experience and skills. The technician needs to have the proper testing equipment and the understanding to employ the equipment correctly. He or she must also be competent and able to comprehend the test results.

Do You Own a Business?

If you own a business that is a supplier of electrical equipment, you need to perform testing more frequently. The person who hires the equipment should also take measures to ensure that the equipment remains safe to use.

Use PAT testing to ensure that portable electric equipment is safely maintained and that your workplace remains low-risk. Also, regularly check for equipment damage to help maintain a safe atmosphere.

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