Learning to Be a Better HR Manager


As a business, your human resources are your most valuable asset. In fact, that’s why your employees are referred to as resources. The resources of your business involve the people who work for you, your equipment, and any type of software that helps you do your job. Software can be bought or built fairly quickly. When you buy a piece of software or a piece of equipment, you know exactly how it is going to work. You know what is expected, and you can predict what will happen when you use it. Human beings are far less predictable. Humans have to be screened, interviewed, vetted, and eventually trained in the job. There is a lot of uncertainty there. That’s why hiring processes for important jobs are so long and involved. In fact, research has found that over 100 people apply for nearly every job that is offered in the corporate world. Of those 100, only about 20 ever get interviewed.

Obviously, only one person is hired from that process. After that long and involved process, it’s important that the person you pick is actually right for the job. Finding the right employee is a skill in and of itself. If you’re the hiring manager, you need to make sure you are hiring the right person.

Hiring the Right Person

Hiring the right person involves recruiting great talent first of all. You’ll need to entice people from schools and other businesses to apply for your job. You’ll then have to narrow that number down to the best candidates, based on their resumes. After that, a series of interviews will be the final step. So, that means you need to have a very good idea of what you are looking for. You’ll need to be a good judge of character and capability. The best way to learn those skills is with training. A human resources management course could be exactly what you need to learn those skills.

Training Courses

A training course for human resources is just like a training course for any other area of expertise. There are skills you will need to learn through education, experience, and practice. You’ll learn how to identify good candidates, how to encourage them to apply, and how to judge them through interviews. While there is no foolproof way to figure out who will work well with and for you, there are ways to do it better. You, as the hiring manager, are the first human resource. Because there is no algorithm or program that can accurately predict how well someone will work within your team, a human is required.

If you’re looking for a job as a hiring manager, you’ll need to have these skills. However, you’ll also need to have some way to prove that you have these skills. The credentials you earn from an HR management course could be exactly what you need to prove to a company that you would make a great manager, as they will be able to see that you have the necessary experience and knowledge.

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