Make Sure Your Digital Listing Leads to a Responsive Website


If you wish to take advantage of a digital listing for your business, you must make sure that you send potential customers to a website that is navigable and user-friendly. Probably one of the most oft-asked questions is the following: “How do I attract more customers to my website?” After all, when you list your local business service, you want to make sure that potential customers find your website friendly and usable as well

Why Is Your Website Ignored?

Some website owners become frustrated because their platform is professionally designed and colourful. However, it just seems to be quietly ignored most of the time. This situation shows the need to concentrate on marketing your service and website full-tilt.

Add a Blog to Your Website

You can initiate the process by creating a blog that includes features such as compelling headlines and valuable, thought-provoking content. Invite comments from site visitors by asking salient questions. Give concrete examples about how a particular service or product is helpful. In addition, offer a way to contact you via e-mail, so you can keep in touch and follow up with site visitors.

Who to Contact to List Your Business and Website

You also want to work with a website designer who is willing to make your site more responsive. That way, when you use a listing service, it will not be in vain. For instance, directories, such as Thomson Local provide free listings for a wide variety of businesses. You can take advantage of this service when you update your website and become more involved in the marketing process.

How to Update and Improve Your Current Website

When you consult with a web designer, make sure you work with someone who is willing to feature all your products and services on your website. Again, the site should be responsive, and be built with the industry’s best practice standards in mind. Ideally, the site should feature up to ten pages of bespoke imagery. You should also have access to comprehensive reporting so you can measure your website’s performance or make adjustments when necessary.

Extend Your Reach to Attract More Customers

Social integration is necessary too. The site should include social media links, maps, and built-in customer enquiry forms. Because almost half of all searches today are performed on mobile devices, it is essential for website guests to have easy access to your site with a personal computer or a mobile device. You want to expand your influence. Therefore, you want to make sure you can reach as many potential customers as possible – customers who use both PCs and mobile phones to contact companies about their products or services.

List Your Business and Improve Your Website in Order to Make More Money

Including your business listing in a digital directory and enhancing your website are two proven ways to attract more customers. When you upgrade your website so it is more responsive, you already have won half of the battle. By including great content and making full use of social media accounts, you will realise an increase in your current customer base and your monthly revenue.

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