Modern Office Flexibility – Six Observations


Nowadays, flexibility is certainly something that is being viewed as a rapidly growing trend in modern office design. The old traditional office of yesteryear was a rigid and stuffy environment for people to work in, and never really changed much at all, year in and year out.

Back In yonder days, office requirements were planned well in advance with a fixed design that wouldn’t alter for decades. Well, thanks goodness that is all in the wind now, as much more creative ideas are definitely giving in to what is essentially required in always changing work surroundings.

  1. Farewell to Stuffy Cubicles

  • Those awful cubicles are quickly being assigned to history’s dustbins and along with work benches are being moved aside for non-assigned seating.
  • These kinds of multipurpose areas can be used for the likes of multimedia displays to informal break zones.
  • There are now more oval-shaped desks being used that allow for up to six people to meet, and a change towards height adjustable tables for standing meetings.
  1. Management and Staff Comfort Alike

  • There is a new increasing trend in Office Space towards creating great offices to let in Harrogate that are that the total opposite of rigid workstations.
  • Much lighter and powerful wireless technology has altered the working environment a lot more than anyone could have dreamed of not long ago.
  • Spending time in such surroundings is a lot more comfortable, and takes things such as great working collaboration to a new enhanced level.
  1. Nouveau Office Colour Combinations

  • Over the course of many studies, it was easily proven that the use of the right kind of colours in certain areas actually improved employee’s moods, and more importantly for employers, it also found that it increased productivity and creativity.
  • This applies to wall colouring and also to accessories and furniture around the full office space.
  • The feeling of any office changes intensely when the right type of colouring is put into use in the proper place.
  1. Making Wireless Wires Less

  • We all know what wireless means and are currently seeing a revolution taking place as electrical wiring is slowly disappearing into the past.
  • In the modern open space offices, exposed wiring is disappearing fast as manufacturers have realised that the old type of wires in the office space are no longer necessary, and if they are, they are both unsightly and dangerous.
  1. Table Interaction

  • Modern communal office tables have quickly become extremely popular in modern offices as workers are seeking more interaction at work and in other public arenas.
  • This type of table also increases employee relationships and creates a feeling of belonging and takes away the need for conference room exclusivity.
  • Nowadays, the modern table features as an important part of a maturing workplace that undoubtedly displays many of the unique features of a human habitat, as in being much more user friendly and cooperative.

The offices of the past have passed!

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