Online Solutions for the Small Builder


The Internet has impacted all of us to some degree, bringing with it many things that were never before possible. Google can answer just about any question you care to pose, and with just about every text ever written available somewhere in the vast digital archives, the World Wide Web was a real game-changer. Online commerce has been growing exponentially during the past decade, and more and more businesses are sourcing their supplies online, as it is cheaper and more convenient. The small builder can utilise the Internet in many ways, and if you run your own construction company and are yet to be reaping the online benefits, here are just some of the ways the digital highway can help you and your business.

Lower Prices

Of course, a builder would expect to pay trade prices wherever he bought materials, and with online suppliers, you can also apply for trade status. All you have to do is create a new account in your business name, and if you are in Australia, your ABN, and you will receive approval within 24 hours. After that, every time you login, you will only see trade prices, which are of course, lower that the retail sale price. If you normally buy your fixtures and fittings in a builder’s merchant, you will likely pay less by using an online supplier, who does not have the huge overheads of maintaining a retail premises.

Massive Stock Inventory

Typically, an online fixtures and fittings supplier would have an impressive stocklist, with just about everything the modern builder would need at the finishing stage of a project, including stainless steel items, such as handrail brackets, wire and glass balustrade fittings, bathroom hardware, locks, hinges, and all kinds of fasteners.

Downloadable Catalogue

This type of building supplier would have their comprehensive catalogue available by download, or alternatively, you can search by item, whichever you prefer, and with same day dispatch, you won’t have to wait long to receive the goods.

Plant and Tool Hire

Most projects do require the use of heavy machinery, and there are online plant hire companies who have a wide range of heavy machinery, such as excavators, dumper trucks, Bobcats, and not forgetting generators and compressors, which are vital for power tools. The average small time builder would not have access to this kind of machinery and would rely heavily on his plant supplier to ensure the work schedule is not delayed.

Labour Recruitment

Most builders are reluctant to directly employ anyone outside of their regular team, and when they take on a large project, they often require extra labour, which would be supplied by a local recruitment agency. This allows the contractor to hire on a daily basis and once the work is completed, the short term employment is at an end.

There are many ways the Internet can help a small builder, and having the ability to order goods and materials from a mobile device gives the modern builder a big advantage, and with time being of the essence, the project would finish on time and to budget.

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