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With the new improvements in the sphere of technology and the access of people to the virtual and electronic world, one of the issues that became bolder than before was about employees and companies relations in case of financial management. In this short article, we want to introduce Pleo as one of the recent and new ideas that was created to help managers and companies, clarifying all financial issues and trying to organize these relations between workers and decision-makers. In this article, we also will discover the different services that Pleo can offer nowadays for a better understanding of this platform.  

The Feature of Pleo

Shortly say, the idea that Pleo is bringing up is about providing the special Cards for companies to give to their employees and on time have easy control over it. These cards can be issued with different limits, there are special receipts and reports that can be available for managers in the company, the company can review all spending money in real-time and without any pause and also Pleo is allowing managers to combine their accounting knowledge and system with the Pleo’s one. The company simply can disable and enable any given cards, can control on monies that spent, no need to have so much paper works and lose some information and also the company can see where the money is going in the real-time. In this way, today there are so many companies and industries that are supporting Pleo, especially for future updates and improvements.  

Premium Account of Pleo

As mentioned in the introduction, Pleo is providing its services to customers at different levels with different possibilities and prices. There are three levels consisting of Essential, Pro, and Premium. The Premium accounts are more famous among users; it is perfect for large teams, the price is reasonable, it has features of Pro accounts plus some special ones. In pro accounts, customers can have individual limits, reviewing the spent money, real-time analytical report,s and also access to bookkeepers. However in Premium, users additionally can dedicated account management, on-site training, having the foreigner VAT, and also have business trip insurance. Shortly to say, with a Premium account of Pleo, customers can have access to all different services of Pleo at any time and on an online platform. 


Today companies are thinking about some solution to control and be comfortable in the case of financial management especially with their employees and workers. Pleo with the special idea, in this case, came with the Cards that we can say can be the solution for these situations and circumstances of companies. For sure Pleo can not be perfect for all companies and industries, nevertheless with what written above, we can see that there are good capabilities and possibilities by Pleo to be used not just by some groups but also by every single industry.


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