Reasons to Hire a Business Solicitor


One of the main things to consider when attempting to run a successful business is ensuring you are protected against legal worries. Many promising companies have closed solely because the owners became tangled in a myriad of legal claims and issues. With diminishing profitability and most of the money being spent on legal fees, it becomes almost impossible for owners to run their businesses. Naturally, they are forced to close up shop because they can’t sustain themselves. Hiring a business solicitor could help you in many ways, and is a wise decision for smaller businesses. Here are some of the many services that business solicitors offer.

Protecting You from Frivolous Claims

You can expect plenty of frivolous claims filed against your business, especially when it starts to grow. There are going to be disgruntled parties who might file infringement claims against your company, as well as other clients who might be looking to make some money by filing a complaint against your company. If you have hired a business solicitor in London, he or she will take care of this problem for you. They will handle all kinds of frivolous claims that are filed against your entity and will try to protect your company as best as they can. Even if a claim can’t be refuted outright, your solicitor will help you reach a viable settlement with the party that has filed the complaint.

Establishing a Company

Even if you are just starting your business, you will need to hire a solicitor. Whether you are thinking of building a sole trading business, partnership, or private or public limited company, there are plenty of documents that need to be filed with the relevant authorities. For instance, you will need to submit the memorandum of association as well as the articles of association with the local company registrar. All other relevant documentation will also need to be filed with the registrar before you can get the certificate of commencement of business.

Employment Law

You will also need to hire a solicitor if you are worried about any issues related to employment law. There are strict laws related to hiring new employees, as well as making sure that they are provided with the right working conditions. If you are found infringing on the employment rules and regulations, you could end up having to pay a hefty fine. Your business solicitor will consult with you and give you advice on what to do to ensure that you do not breach any local laws. These are some significant reasons why you should hire a business solicitor.

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