Selecting the Right Solar Panel for Your Premises


The people of Southern California are buzzing about a very new thing, that they have successfully incorporated into their lifestyle, and that is the Solar Panel Electrical System. The Horizon Solar Power company that is supplying the solar power has changed the life of these residents at Southern California by introducing them to this revolutionary way of not only saving money but also making the Earth a better place to live in.

The Horizon Company specialises in the designing and installation of the residential solar systems predominantly in the region of Southern California. They have sort of mothered 50 cities in the area with the concept of solar power and have successfully installed 500 such systems since 2010. The par excellence customer service is what gives them their distinction from the other competitors in the market.

Since there is more than one type of solar panel available it might become a little tedious for you to determine which one is the most suited for your premise, but the easy way out of this is to consult the experts who know the details of solar systems.

The basic job of any panel in a solar PV system is to trap the sunlight and convert the solar power into consumable electricity. Both the kinds of panels, i.e. – the monocrystalline panel and the polycrystalline panel, are made of silicon. Then what is it that makes the difference between the two and why should you choose between the two?

The foremost point of difference between the two is their composition – while the monocrystalline panel is formed from single crystal silicon, the polycrystalline panel is made by melting many fragments of silicon together and then allowing it to form one wafer for the panel. This variation in the number of crystals used is what makes the mono panel more efficient than the poly one. It is because the electrons of the poly or multi-crystalline panel do not get enough space to move about freely that they are not able to function as good as the monocrystalline panels.

But whatever you choice, your electricity bills will surely witness a decline once you change over to solar power. Depending on personal preferences such as colour, shape and the manufacturer, the choice of a solar panel may vary. But that should not be the major determining factor for you. The more important thing is that if you have limited space on your roof and the size of your PV panel is also limited, then you should always go for the higher efficiency panels. Though it may a little stronger pinch to the pocket but you will surely not regret seeing the kind of electricity that will be produced with the help of this system.

It is always best to seek advice from experts such as those belonging to the Horizon Solar Power privately held company around South California, before deciding on the type of solar panel you would want to install in your home or business area.

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