Singapore is 2nd-biggest Asian investor in global real estate


Singapore has been pouring a tremendous amount of capital into investments throughout Southeast Asia, especially into their own infrastructure and their own startups, but according to new real estate industry research Singapore now ranks as the second largest investor in global real estate for the Asian region.

Coming in just behind China, Singapore has invested more than $6.8 billion of capital into global real estate holdings in just the first six months of 2017. Many believe that they will end up investing closer to $15 billion of capital into real estate investment holdings all over the world by the time 2017 closes, and at least that much in 2018 as well.

China continues to spend the most of any Asian nation as far as global real estate holdings are concerned, with $25.6 billion invested into global real estate markets in 2017 alone. This comes as no surprise to anyone, as China has been serious about its global ambitions and investing in as many opportunities as present themselves – but many industry insiders are very surprised to learn that Singapore is now the second largest investor in global real estate in Asia, coming in ahead of stalwarts like Japan and India.

New Chinese capital controls have really helped to usher in a new era of real estate investment for the people and businesses of Singapore with eyes on capitalizing across global markets. Chinese capital has been receding from traditional investments in Australia, for example, and Singapore operations have stepped right in to fill that vacuum and capitalize on a tremendous amount of growth that the Australian real estate market has been able to enjoy in just the last few years.

As China starts to shift their investment strategy and find new ways to take advantage of the capital that they have available (pumping a tremendous amount of their resources into new infrastructure and new technology companies in China rather than abroad), the opportunity for another Asian country to take steps into foreign real estate markets that may not have been opened up previously is ripe for the picking – and Singapore hopes to do exactly that.

The Australian market, the Indian market, and the Malaysian market has seen a tremendous influx of cash from Singapore poured right into their coffers, but Singapore has also committed to investing nearly $2.4 billion into US real estate holdings as well – and that number is expected to grow by almost 3 times by the end of 2018.

We are looking at a very interesting time in human history right now, when nations around the world that wouldn’t have had the opportunity to enjoy the kind of prosperity that is available right now are capitalizing on new opportunities, new markets, and new investments abroad.

Singapore has always been a very forward thinking nation when it comes to their economy, and with a very business friendly government they have had more opportunities than most to capitalize on investment vehicles that other nations may have overlooked. Watch for more investments in global real estate to be made by Singapore in the coming years.

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