The Different Uses For A Skip 1

The Different Uses For A Skip

A skip bin is not a one-dimensional piece of equipment. There are many different ways that the skip bin can be useful.

The skip bin could be hired to be used on one day only, or it might be hired for a period of weeks and months.

Using the skip in a commercial and building context is a very smart move. What are the different uses in this context?

The Skip Can Be Used For Removing Dangerous Chemicals

In some industries such as mining, dangerous chemicals need to be disposed of correctly so that the environment is not damaged in any way.

Specialist skips which are built to withstand the effects of harmful chemicals. The skip bin from Baco Compak can be sealed completely so that nobody is going to come into contact with the chemicals that are stored in boxes or barrels.

  • Afterwards: Once the harmful chemicals have been loaded into the skip bin, they can be driven away to be disposed of correctly.

The Skip Can Be Placed On A Building Site

A skip can be placed on a building site so that it is out of the way of workmen when they are trying to get on with their job.

The skip bins need to be robust in order to cope with the weight of the rubble that is being disposed of.

  • Afterwards: Once the rubble has been loaded into the skip bin, it can be driven away to be disposed of correctly.

The Skip Can Be Used During An Office Clearout

An office clear out will occur when the entire workforce is moving to a new building. Or the clear-out may occur because the business is going to close down for good. There may be thousands of people working in the office, so multiple skips need to be hired at one time.

Also, the skips will need to be robust to deal with heavy items such as desks, tables and chairs.

  • Afterwards: Once the office furniture has been loaded into the skip bin, it can be driven away to be disposed of correctly.

The Skip Can Be Used For Office Recycling Purposes

When you are the head of a business, you might decide that it is time for you to start a recycling programme. You can hire specially-designed skip bins for this exact purpose. The skip bin is going to be divided into lots of different sections.

This ensures that none of the waste is going to get mixed up. You will place the glass in one section and you will place plastic in another.

You might want to start doing this on a monthly basis so that the office is free of any recyclable material.

  • Once the recycling process has been completed, the skip bin will be driven away and emptied.

The Skip Can Be Used When A Business Needs To Free Up Space

Some businesses need to free up space, so a skip can be hired.


You can hire a range of different skips to deal with commercial waste.

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