The Importance of Offshore Corrosion Protection


The maintenance of larger ships is very difficult, though most ships generally pull into the harbour before maintenance work begins. Corrosion is a very serious problem on modern ships, and regular care and maintenance is required to ensure that the integrity of the hull is not affected. Corrosion is a natural process that converts a refined metal into a form that’s more chemically unstable. It usually causes the gradual destruction of metallic objects by reacting with chemicals in the environment. Corrosion engineering is a form of engineering that focuses on minimising corrosion and looking at different ways to minimise the effects of this process.

In larger ships, maintenance and corrosion protection are a major problem. Shipping handlers and corporations have to make sure that they hire a reputable offshore corrosion protection provider to ensure that their ships remain in the best shape possible. Before departing on every voyage, the ship is carefully checked to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged along the way. The hull integrity is checked, along with engine performance as well. Here are a few reasons why corrosion protection is such an important service.

Refurbishment and Maintenance

The deck of any ship is constantly exposed to increased water vapour and starts corroding very quickly. Ships are refurbished from time to time, and the first process to be carried out is protection against corrosion. As you can imagine, work is done in phases on larger ships.

There are floating platforms that are used to carry out corrosion protection work. These platforms attach to different parts of the ship and work is done on the site before moving on. Corrosion protection is a necessary service when the ship is being refurbished or when maintenance work is being carried out to ensure that the ship’s deck looks as good as new. After corrosion protection work has been completed, the next phase is painting the deck. This is done after permission from the ship’s owners and after selecting the colour gradient for the paint.

Challenges Faced

Workers generally face a considerable amount of challenges when working from an offshore floating platform. For starters, the weather and sea conditions can often be quite extreme, thus making it difficult to work in such a dynamic environment. That is why the sea vessel generally needs to be anchored to the seabed to ensure that whenever there’s strong wind blowing, the ship faces directly into the wind. However, when anchored, the ship is exposed to pitching and rolling, which creates a new set of challenges to people who are on board.

Due to the precision required when carrying out protection work on the ship, the workers have to take great care when performing their duties on the ship. Before work begins on the ship, the company will send over a team to inspect the vessel and then give you a quote for the total costs of corrosion protection work. You can also negotiate with the company to bring the prices down.

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