There are a number of corporate trophies featuring the stars that are the best for the business events and also the ceremonies. So, let us have a quick glance.


There are a number of products that hail from the Fine awards, they are the great ones for the mark of the personalisation. They are also handcrafted and with t h best crystals.

The premium quality stars are made up of the clear crystals which can be also stopped in the form of the paperweights that is made up of the high quality and also contain the engraved logos of the company, the colours that are used on these awards are striking.

The stars are also made up of the diamond crystals that can be available in many sizes and can be the best gift for the employee with his engraved name.

There are certain star awards that are also made up of the mounted jade glass which is perfectly engraved and are in the form of the premium presentation boxes that is made up of the high quality.


The stock lapel pins that are sold by the FineAwards are remarkable ones. The themes that are added to the stock label pins are added to the corporate themes. The stock; label pins are however much affordable when it comes to the rates. The special features of these awards are that they are customized with the custom filled colours and are the best ones for the stock services.

Crystal gifts:

There are a number of crystal gifts that are rewarded by the corporate to the employees and are striking in their features which are of the best quality in terms of the raw materials used in them and the design aspects. Moreover, there are certain stunning features that are available with the gifs like they are much neatly crafted; the robust designs add a spectacular look to the gifts.

Moreover, the crystal gifts are striking in terms of the sophisticated look that is brought by the crystals the richness of the crystals are the mark of the costly and standard crystals.

Some of the striking and special crystal gifts form the FineAwards is the Crystal New heights Star awards, the Crystal constellation awards, the Crystal awards in motion and many others that can be a valuable one for presenting the employees.

Not only are the products limited to these, ether is also a number of other striking products like the custom awards, the custom acrylic awards, the custom crystal awards that are special ones.

Features of custom crystal gifts:

  1. The products are marked with best quality custom designs crafted by the designers having over 30 years of experience.
  2. There are also free sketches available to the clients that are needed for the approval.
  3. The quality and the service of the goods is a remarkable one.

The striking and awesome features with the best quality of the product are something that makes the product a totally different or form the conventional ones. So, it is the perfect time for you to make a purchase and test the quality.

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