Things to consider when planning a wedding budget


Getting married is extremely exciting but it can also be extremely stressful, especially on the budget. When you’re organising a wedding you often start out with a humble budget, but when you total all the expenses you’re suddenly looking at a figure that gives you a heart attack. It’s almost always going to be ‘more than you expected’. And in no time at all you will be asking yourself, ‘how can we afford this?’ It is often the reason why many people extend their engagement period, to give them more time to save. But, weddings don’t need to be a huge burden on your budget. While we can’t deny that it’s pricey, there are always ways to cut costs. But, it’s not easy knowing where to spend money and where to cut costs. Here are some things to consider when planning a wedding budget.

Wedding rings

This is probably one of the few areas you want to not cut too much on your budget. Your wedding rings are items you will be keeping with you for the rest of your lives and will be wearing every day. You want to not just like it but love it. So, look for designer wedding rings Melbourne to find reputable jewellers who can help you. They are professionals in their field so trust them to help you find your dream ring.

Photographers and videographers

It is definitely worth having a good photographer, but the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best. Get recommendations from friends or have a look at their galleries online. But when it comes to paying for a videographer, will you really watch those videos afterward? Ask your friends to capture the speeches and fun moments on their phones so that you can go through them afterward and see what you’ve missed. It’s good to have these, but don’t spend lots of money on fancy videos that will probably sit on your shelf and be watched twice.


Does anyone ever really remember what was on the table? Or what flowers you had? Sure, the guests may remember it was pretty, but what they’ll mostly remember is the fun they had and the atmosphere of the wedding. This can’t be bought with table decorations, this is created by your friends and family.


Good food does count, but good food doesn’t have to be fancy food. People want to eat yummy food and not be hungry. Sometimes overly fancy food makes people feel awkward. Wholesome food feels familiar and relaxed. Don’t go overboard with the desserts either, especially if you’re having a wedding cake. Too many desserts and no-one will eat the wedding cake you spent so much money on.


If you have a particular place that is sentimental to you, it’s worth going the extra mile to have your wedding there. But, if not, then find a few places that offer what you’re looking for and then get them to compete against each other, throw in some extra’s or reduce the per head rate.

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