Three Solutions to Common Problems with Roller Shutters


Any piece of equipment or building feature with moving parts can break down, including roller shutters. Since commercial roller shutters are often installed as an additional security measure, a broken chain or damage to the shutter can leave a business vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Here are three common issues with roller shutters that usually require repairs.

Becomes Too Heavy to Lift or Close

If there is a manually-operated roller shutter that covers your storefront and it suddenly becomes too heavy to lift or close, a spring, stopper, or “T” rail may have suddenly broken. Even if there isn’t damage to the shutter, parts can eventually wear out and break. Fortunately, companies who sell roller shutters usually repair them so have the company that installed yours send out a technician to fix the problem.

Doesn’t Stop for Objects

Roller shutters that are motorised have sensors to detect objects beneath them when they are being closed. If there is an object, the door will stop in position until the object, which may be a person, clears the shutter. Not stopping can be dangerous so you need to contact a company specialising in roller shutters – sales, installations, and repairs in Staffordshire in case the sensor is faulty and needs replacing.

Key Switch Doesn’t Work

It can be frustrating if you try to open or close the roller shutter in front of your store and nothing happens when you turn the key. This problem is usually the result of the key switch failing, which will require a technician to repair or replace it. A faulty key switch could be costly if you cannot secure the building overnight or open it on time in the morning.

As with any mechanism, regular roller shutter maintenance can prevent most problems. Ask about service contracts when purchasing roller shutters to keep them operating smoothly.



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