Types of Printing Services


Printing services are a service nearly every business needs at one point in time. Printing is not only necessary for the day-to-day operations in the office, but it’s also required for marketing and advertising. However, while day-to-day printing can be carried out in the office, advertising and external printing services are generally different. You will need to hire a professional printing service provider to help you out. Printing on large surfaces, like vinyl or mesh banners, is quite different from printing on paper, and specialised machines are used to ensure that the image is reproduced in the best possible manner.

There are many local providers that offer printing services. You can choose from a great range of printing services depending upon your requirements. Here are some of the most popular printing services used by most businesses.

Small Format Printing Services

Printing on small formats like brochures, letterheads, comp-slips, leaflets, prospectus, labels, NCR sets, or business cards is generally handled by professional printing companies. You can’t print business cards in your office. You will need to send the designs, along with the alignment for printing, to a printing company.

Large Format Printing

Large format printing includes printing on vinyl banners, mesh banners, designing exhibition stands, roll up displays, posters, feather flags, and other larger banners. In order to print images on larger formats, you will first have to send a high resolution image to the company, along with the dimensions of the banners, and any other specifications that you may have. Large format printing is used for marketing purposes. If you are thinking of setting up a stand at a local trade show, you will need large format printing services. The quality of the image depends primarily upon the type of printing and the resolution of the image.

Promotional Advertising Products

Promotional gifts and advertising products are generally sent by different companies to potential clients. They serve a very important role in branding. You can print out your company’s tagline, or logo, on a range of different promotional products. Some of the most common products on which printing can be done include key rings, pens, clothing products, umbrellas, bags, umbrellas, USB sticks, and a lot more. Many companies that offer such services also provide a low cost artwork and design service to their customers.

Textile Printing

Textile printing is also quite popular, and is mainly used for decorative or advertising purposes. Several types of printing solutions are offered for use on textile surfaces. Common printing options include cushions, fabrics, wallpapers, bins, fabric displays, table cloths, and other types of textiles.

Ideally, most businesses tend to stick with one printing solution provider. However, before you hire any specific printing provider, it’s imperative that you do your research, and request quotes from several different printing service providers. By doing this you give yourself the option of the best company in terms of cost and quality of services. The services listed above are just some of the most common printing services, offered by most printing solutions providers in the city.



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