Understanding How To Be A Philanthropist


Investing is this act to invest in something monetary or non-monetary. People that are doing this act are called investors. Technically investors are businessmen because they see it as something that they can gain from and there’s nothing wrong with that. Think about it like this, you plant a tree, you took care of it because you expect that when it will be a full-grown tree that it will bear fruit, give you a decent shade from the sun and supply you with wood whenever you need it.

Technically anyone can be an investor, but not everyone can do it like the well-off guys do it, and because of this, they are called a philanthropist. Not every rich person has this status, it’s only the people that have contributed to the world in a better way can be called as such.

It doesn’t have to be a direct positive contribution like handing out food in evacuation centers, it can be indirect like inventing something good like a wonder drug that can cure all types of cancer or something. You may not be the person that distributed it but you invented it.

Investing in companies: Investing in companies that have a good cause is one way of being a philanthropist. It’s more of a business move but you have to admit, it’s a good investment, like electric cars, solar power technology, edible packs, edible utensils, highly recyclable materials and so on. These products are made and distributed by various companies that aim to do good for the environment. They wouldn’t be big as they are now if they don’t have investors to join in on their cause.

Investing in solutions: There’s an old cliche “be the solution and not the problem”. Surely you thought about saving water, saving energy, ride a bicycle instead of driving a car, learning how to recycle and all that. In your own way, you are able to be the solution. But if you’re rich it can be over the top, you want zero emission, you buy an electric car, you want to have the energy for a whole town you buy solar panels to address their power problems and so on. These things are solutions, and there is nothing better than investing in one and be part of a change.

If there is a person that is good with both investment and being a philanthropist while balancing his work, his deeds, and his family, it’s Hunter Perret Lafayette la local that has been a living manifestation of what an all-around good guy is. He started his career in investing on the oil industry and later on focused on the healthcare industry. He has been active in serving various organization for personal and for corporate citizenship. Hunter is a great role model that knows the balance between helping and investing. A true blue superhero that is loved by everyone. If you want to be a superhero, be like Hunter.

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