What is a Packaging Engineer’s Job All About


The professional duty of someone who is a packaging engineer is that of designing, developing, and producing particular packages or containers for a broad range of different items, which can include the likes of clothing, computers, electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, household items, appliances and children’s toys.

  • All through the process of developing, he or she might have to examine a whole range of different important factors.

Matters of Machinery

Choosing the right type of machinery which will be put into use during the packaging process can also be the duty of the packaging engineer. And pretty often, an already existing piece of machinery will be customised to carry out the packaging operations.

  • Whereas at other times a new type of machine will have to be designed and developed.

Being Eco-friendly

Nowadays, more and more companies are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that packaging has on the Earth’s environment. And so, a packaging specialist might indeed be made responsible for figuring out which is the best way for packaging materials to have a minimal impact on the environment.

  • For instance, a company must think about how the packaging will later on be disposed of, and ideally, the engineer will work to produce packaging which is not only recyclable, but less wasteful and maybe even biodegradable.

Purposes for the Packaging

When developing a professional packaging design for a specific item, this professional must then consider the purpose for the package, such as whether it’s required for shipping, display, storing, or to protect the item.

  • Should the package be necessary to display and show the item, for instance, then the design will have to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of potential consumers.

Safety Matters

Safety concerns are also one more duty for the package engineer. If the packaged item is going to be either toxic or explosive, special packaging will definitely be deemed necessary.

  • And, if the items are food, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics, the packaging must have all of the ingredients and information regarding “sell by” and “use by” on the labels.

Materials to Be Used

After all of these factors have been taken into consideration, it can now be decided on which type of materials are to be used for the packaging.

After the packaging has been approved, the package engineer will then make certain that the raw materials will be used effectively to efficiently reduce costs.

Matters of Testing

The supervising of package testing, which includes being in simulated conditions, such as rough shipping, hot or cold temperatures, and dire handling must also be looked after.

Constantly Aware of Any New Developments

The engineer also has to keep up with any new developments in the packaging industry and consider new methods of packaging older products.

As you can clearly see, you need a strong understanding of all facets of production, manufacturing, and even sales to do the job, and it’s not the kind of job for everyone!

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