What is Temporary Fencing Used For


If you’ve ever seen temporary fencing, it was probably used for controlling the public at particular events, the blocking off of an area for reasons of safety and the restriction of access to people for security purposes. Land owners frequently hire fences for a limited period of time to place along a property line until they can build a more permanent structure. Temporary fencing utilised for all of these various purposes can differ widely in:

  1. Size
  2. Weight
  3. Structure
  4. Material

Highly Visible

  • Easily and conveniently portable, temporary fences are often utilised as high visibility markers, such as the bright orange variety that displays the final boundary of a safe skiing area.
  • Fencing of this type is made from lightweight plastic and comes available in rolls which allows for easier transportation than hardened panels and is available from site fencing services in Yorkshire, check them out.

Heavy-duty steel temporary fencing panels are used for security protection at places such as:

  1. Military areas
  2. International or national conferences
  3. These are intended to keep the public and any protesters out

Common Use in the General Public

  • Professional site fencing can provide top quality temporary fencing for a wide range of duties. You will often see temporary fencing being utilised in places like new homes with swimming pools until a sturdier and more permanent type of fence can be constructed. Many placed have strict laws regarding swimming pools and fencing to help in preventing children from drowning accidents.
  • So as to assist in averting any falls by both the public and building workers, construction sites frequently use temporary fencing in dangerous areas like on balconies that don’t yet have any safety railings or over doorways without any access to stairs.

Helping People to Stay More Organised

  • At a lot of public events like as sports games, parades, carnivals and festivals, temporary fencing is commonly used to accommodate a wide range of various activities. For example, a pet zoo can be easily set up at a summer fair and be zoned off to keep the animals inside the attraction, as well as assisting Mums and Dads to keep a closer eye on their children to prevent them from wandering off.
  • Temporary fence enclosures are also used as a barrier so as to help people to line up for access to events or to buy tickets, drinks or snacks.
  • During sporting events, temporary lines of fencing are used to mark off differing lengths of a large playing field.

Broad Range of Products and Services

  • Professional fence contractors provide a wide range of temporary barriers, fences, gates and other products. Some are specifically utilised in particular industries such as construction or sporting events, whilst many others have a broad spectrum of customer types.
  • Temporary fencing companies can easily deliver and set up their customer-ordered temporary fencing and after the event is over, they can then turn up to take it all down and remove it from the event or a customer’s property.

The employment and use of reliable and trustworthy fencing services has never been easier!

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