Why Businesses Order Safety Information from Printing Services


Although better copier and printer technology has eliminated most of the need for business printing services, they are still necessary for printing specialised documents, signs and manuals. The cost of printers for blueprints, signage and posters are cost-prohibitive for smaller companies, especially if these items are only needed occasionally. When booklets, signs, or safety tags are needed for businesses involved in hazardous industries, it is more convenient and less expensive to order these items from a business printing service.

Creating Uniform Documents

The main reason to order safety documents from a printing service is to make sure they are printed uniformly and regulations are listed as written by the government. Business printing services specialising in safety printing have templates for safety booklets, hazard assessment wallets, warning signs, labels, and safety tags used in the workplace. Making sure such safety documents are uniform across business industries will help them meet government standards and allow employees to instantly recognise them when they need to be quickly located.

Many of the documents, pamphlets, and instruction manuals have illustrations, which need to be correctly printed to show employees what safety signs may look like. Some signage is colour coded according to WorkSafe regulations so danger assessments can be made instantly and employees will not venture into areas where threats exist. Since signage may be made from plastic or metal, most businesses will not have equipment capable of producing them, so it will be necessary to order such signage from a printing service.

Materials for All Conditions

Safety manuals, signage, tags, and labels will be used in a variety of industries and conditions. Therefore, these documents and signs need to be made so they will adhere to almost any surface. Such signage will be exposed to chemicals, heat, and other weather conditions, so they shouldn’t be damaged or fall off surfaces and be able to warn people about hazards. Stickers, labels, and other signage which falls off or fades after being applied can cause, rather than prevent, workplace accidents since there is no warning.

Companies who specialise in printing safety materials use special papers, labels, and ink to ensure the signage stays legible and in place for as long as it’s needed. These materials often contain UV proof surfaces so heat and direct sunlight doesn’t fade the signs. Such protection ensures the signs can be seen by personnel before they enter a construction zone, handle hazardous materials, or are made aware of dangerous conditions.

Manuals, documents, and posters for Take 5 safety booklets and other materials provide instructions on what to do to prevent workplace accidents. They include bright, colourful illustrations and information about safety regulations written by the government. It is important this information is accurate and for the covers to be durable and recognisable when information is needed quickly.

Ordering safety booklets and other safety documents, signs, manuals, etc., is less expensive and more convenient than trying to reproduce them on business printers and copiers. If your company is involved in mining, construction, shipping, or other dangerous industries, knowing about safety is critical to avoiding workplace accidents.

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