Why You Should Consider Getting a Chartered Accountant on Board When Starting a Business


Should you be setting up a new business, you may think that you won’t be in need of hiring an accountant professional before the time arrives to prepare the accounts and file a tax return. However, by having a legal accounting expert to assist you, will assure you of registering for taxes at the proper time and that you tick all the right boxes regarding tax compliance.

Below are some smart reasons why it makes the best business (and common!) sense to hire a Chartered accountant prior to setting up a business.

Looking over a Business Plan

  • So many folk contemplate that when a business starts, that the promotion and selling of their product(s) or service(s) will happen straightaway, and that makes sense because that’s why people get involved in business in the first place.

But if have no clear business plan, there’s the chance that you may be led off the path and actually lose business, which wouldn’t have happened. So, you will have to go through every single detail of your proposed plan as thoroughly as possible before any trading starts.

  • A chartered accountant can provide a lot more than a simple second opinion. They have a professional and seasoned appreciation not just of the costs you will acquire, but of the best way to finance your company, and offer top advice on any tax issues.

How about the Business Framework Type?

  • The following stage is thinking about what type your business should be, i.e.:
  1. A singular business
  2. A limited company
  3. A partnership
  4. A limited liability partnership

This is definitely something of importance, because if you make a mistake about a potential business structure at the start, it might have severe implications later on down the road. It will indeed affect both how you manage property and contracts, and also affect the rate of tax you will have to pay and the availability of various types of tax relief.

Matters of systems, software and accounting

  • The placing of appropriate management information, accounting and bookkeeping methods into position prior to starting any business will aid you in the running of your business as efficiently as possible.
  • The chartered accountant is aware which methods will offer you the most benefits, and ensure that you have all the data to make your business be successful. If you have a good engine, there will be no break downs!

The Very Best Financial Guidance

  • Practically all new businesses need some cash, be it at the launch or when wishing to expand.
  • With a chartered accountant, their expertise will provide different options, from venture capital to some central and even local government grants to help you decide on the perfect one for you.

Simply ask anyone who runs a successful business, whether making use of a chartered accountant is a good idea!

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