Work with Experienced Professionals for Your New Livestock Trailer


When you begin looking for the trailer that will serve you well in transporting livestock, keep in mind that there are several sizes and configurations. You might need only a single-horse trailer or you might want to invest in something larger and more ornate, depending on frequency of use and distance that you’re going to travel. To help you make your decision, you should take some time to look at a few of the important factors.

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Depends on the Animal

Suppose for the moment that you’re going to be transporting only horses. You’ll need a unit designed to safely haul this specific animal. This usually means full enclosure, internal dividers, and, of course, sufficient height and width. Stability may also be an issue so you’ll need to work with your chosen supplier to determine if external wheels are a necessity.

However, if you’re going to be hauling another type of livestock, you’ll probably select a different unit. This may mean open slats on the sides and no dividers inside. The best way to make this choice, naturally, is to consider which animal type you will be transporting most often. Of course, you can work with a supplier that might be able to provide a trailer that will accommodate a number of different animals.

As you look for the right livestock trailer in Yorkshire, you’d be best served by consulting with a company that brings several decades of experience to the field. Take the time to find a supplier that won’t compromise on reliability and construction quality. This means adhering to high standards first with the same attention to detail across the entire range of trailers. Each unit can be custom produced to fit your requirements. After you gather the basic information that you need, you should talk to a representative to discuss your specific trailer needs whether it’s for a general purpose unit, one with the added convenience of tipping, a tractor-drawn model, or another bespoke trailer to work for you.

Some Details

When you exchange ideas so the professionals can supply the trailer you need, be sure to talk about the need for temperature control if this is a concern for you. Will your trailer need special vents or windows? Consider this when you work with a specialist to create your perfect trailer. One early decision that you should make involves hitch type. Will you use a bumper pull hitch or a gooseneck?

You can specify a sheep and pig trailer if these are the animals that you haul most often. For larger animals, you may need to select a unit with 1.5 meter width or more. Consider a size up to two meters wide. You also have the option of purchasing a tractor-drawn livestock trailer and may select a manual deck or power deck option. Whatever the final details, you can be sure that the quality will be outstanding.

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