What Do Accountants Know that Most People Don’t?


Accounting professionals today are often labelled with stereotypes (such as accountants are boring or that accountancy firms hire only one type of person: introverted and shy) and can sometimes be the subject of unfair assumptions. In reality, the modern accountant ranges wildly in personality type and interest but one thing is typically true: accountants love being good at their job!

They also know things that are not common knowledge andare notregularly discussed outside the accounting profession. What is it that accountants know that most people don’t?

How to Pay Attention to Detail

Amal from Accountingpreneur said “Paying attention to detail is part of the day-to-day life of an accountant. The minutia matters in the world of the account and while it isn’t a prerequisite to begin the journey, it is definitely a required skill.”

The Need for Work-Life Balance

Understanding the need for work-life balance and practising it are two different endeavours, but accountants know how important it is to have a balance between work and the rest of your life. You need other interactions besides the ones you have with your clients and colleagues.

How to Read Financial Statements

Reading financial statements is another skill that is a must-have for accountants. Whether they are a tax accountant or running the financial department of a fortune 500 company, accountants know how to read financial statements.

The Steps to Get a Degree in Accounting

For those looking to become accountants, the best guide may be someone who has walked that path before. All accountants who have received an accounting degree know the steps in the process and can help explain that path to someone considering that route as a career.

How to Choose a Career Path with Opportunity for Advancement

The potential for opportunity in the field of accounting is nearly limitless. Private or public sector, employee or business owner and everything else between, accountants touch all aspects of the economy and are involved in almost every sector in operation, making career advancement and development easier than in other professions.

The Need for Small Businesses in the Economy

Accountants know the value of small businesses and the role they play in the economy because many of them see exactly how they contribute to the big picture. They employ the majority of the workers and provide the majority of the products and services and accountants have an intimate understanding of how that is beneficial.

Accounting Isn’t a Male-Dominated Field

Another stereotype about accountants is that they are mostly men. This is false! Male accountants only represent slightly over 50% of the workforce in the UK and accountants know that even know these stereotypes exist, they don’t represent the truth.

Accountants Know How to Play a Pivotal Role

Accountants play a critical role in many organizations, enabling businesses and governments to engage with each other and amongst themselves. Thankfully, they are a diverse group of people that draw from a large range of experiences to bring to the table the skills and insights necessary to do their jobs and make the organizations they work with better every day.

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