A Sip of Big Springs Natural Water and You Will Come Asking For More


As we grew up, and as is common in most households, we know and view water as life. And drinking safe, clean water helps save a lot of money and leads to a healthy life. The Big Springs Water Company, a company established in 1994 has delved into this and is now offering natural spring water home delivery so that life will blossom among all Australians. We are striving towards providing superior Water delivery services for high quality, natural and structured spring water. These services are up to standard and available throughout Australian households, schools, all form of institutions and offices.

Located 30-kilometres South-East of Wagga Wagga, Big Springs water company is in the Blue Springs Valley, a site worth the praises it receives. This site is at the Flakney Ranges, and the waters, therefore, are absorbed into the soils, runs through subversive channels. The spring water that over the years been naturally rising has been a source of water supplied to the Big Springs Station without failing.

Big Springs growth story

The company began from bottling at Wilson’s yard for the first few years of its establishment to relocating to a state of the art factory and administration that was set in 2004 in Wagga Wagga. These structures came after an explosive surge in demand for the water from happy and satisfied clientele enabling the company to generate profits that gave them the power to grow, expand and command their authority as the water delivery company of choice. We pride ourselves in delivering on orders from over 6000 households in areas such as North-East Victoria, Mid-Western and Southern NSW with a passionate, friendly, experienced and committed team of about 20 full-time employees.

The main products we supply

Water filtration

We are known on this part of the sphere to be providers of inline water filtration systems that are highly affordable, efficient and effective when it comes to costs and the improvement of water taste. The system eliminates chlorine and contaminants from the water giving it a natural freshness without an unpleasant aftertaste. We connect our systems to the main water supply channel and what the client receives as they open their taps to draw water is a constant supply of unending refreshing and chilled water on every sip they take at a fixed cost. And that is essentially spring water home delivery reloaded.

As part of the package of inline water filtration systems, our company policy includes in the rental price installation costs, all servicing and filter replacements services. We understand that all these are required and are necessary for smooth operation of the system and therefore the need to subsidize them and incorporate them as part of the initial rental fee. Our filtration systems that are available are the cook and cold or hot and cold, and they utilize a filtering process that is two-phased. This feature enables them to remove bacteria, any contaminants in the water and also sediment.

Water bubblers

Our company also offers clients water bubblers or fountains and the most remarkable one is the M Series. This bubbler is a pure heavy duty fountain. We describe it as “sleek mains-connected drinking fountain.” Built from industrial grade stainless steel, the tank and the fountain serve its purpose smoothly and effortlessly. Fitted with an automatic control system. It can withstand and handle fluctuating pressure from the mains.

Key features of the Mains-Connected Drinking Fountain:

  • Polished stainless steel top
  • Modifiable, tamper-proof non-squirt bubbler and glass filler
  • Industrial grade 304 stainless steel tank and heavy-duty construction
  • Front panel
  • Stainless steel cabinets that are optional depending on client’s preference
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