Common Misconceptions About UX Design


There is a lot you need to know about creating a good user experience with your site and the design in general, which is why you should never start creating a legit website for your business alone if you do not have any experience. On the other hand, you can always visit and seek for help!

The most common opinion is that you do not need a professional to create the great user experience, but that is not true. While you can create good UX, if you know how to, it would still be better to ask somebody who understands that to the fullest, for help. Below you will have some of the most common misconceptions when it comes to creating a good UX design.

Create something that can be used on multiple devices

  1. User interface design

It is not that weird to confuse user experience and user interface, especially if you do not know much about the two individually. That interface is a part of user experience, but there is much more to that. The design is not just about the cosmetics, button placements, and pixel-pushing, it is everyone’s concern and not just the realm of artistic types.

  1. Process

If you want to create a good user experience for your customers then you should not only fixate on the design, you need to create something that the customers will like to use. It does not necessarily have to be a rigid process, but it should be something that exists.

Many users expect that the experience design will create everything and solve all of the problems with a single functional specification. However, this is an ongoing effort, and a process where you learn about users, their behaviors and with that, you evolve their user experience. If you need any help with this subject, you should contactPolished Pixels or others who know how to create a great UX.

  1. Technology

User experience is not even about technology; it is about how we choose to like and about what we do. It is all around us. Just like a painter will use a brush to communicate his feelings to the canvas, we use the technology that we can to help users accomplish their goals. But, keep in mind that the primary objective is to help people and not make great technology.

Know your audience and what you need to make before starting

  1. Usability

Another misconception that you might have heard or thought is that people usually think that the UX design is a way to make a product that is bad into something that is not, and that is completely wrong. While the UX design is here to make something better, it has nothing to do with the product and has everything to do with your experience on the website.

  1. It’s not easy

Many people think that creating a website with great user experience and a great design is very easy, because of you, as a user, already know what you would like to change, but things do not run as smoothly as you might think. This is something only a person with designing knowledge would understand completely.

Final word

Do not take things for granted when it comes to user experience, and if you are not sure how things are done, you should seek professional help from actual designers. Creating a website that will attract many customers is not as easy as one would think, which is why you should hire somebody who knows what he/she is doing, instead of playing the guessing game.

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