Consequences of Theft Charges in Rochester


Theft in any form is considered illegal and should be punished regardless of its severity. Usually, a person becomes clueless on what to do next if their property gets stolen by an unknown person. Even attempted theft involving weapons like a knife was concerned, it can still be reported to the police, and the accused may be sentenced to jail for at least three years. Hence, contacting a reliable Rochester law firm can help in understanding the severity of your case and get you out of the unwanted situation. 

Things that are not usually referred to as theft (that fall under the same category) are fraud, burglary, robbery, and shoplifting. Even if you are a victim of any such case, you have the right to report it to the police, and they will investigate the issue.

Here are the consequences you can face if indulged in theft actions:

Theft may occur in various forms, like using someone else’s motorbike and not returning it, grabbing someone’s personal property and fleeing the area, or even stealing money in general. Sometimes the defendant can use an attorney and get away with the case, but it is necessary to report the theft to the police and seek help legally. The following are some of the consequences that a person can face if he has been involved in a theft activity:

  1. Though it is not guaranteed that the accused might go to prison for performing a theft action, he is most likely to get a statement on being sent to jail by the judge in a court.
  2. An appropriate amount will be declared as a criminal fine in the accused name, and the acceptable charges may depend on the theft value. The higher the theft, the greater the penalty.
  3. In felony theft cases, the accused might have to bear a loss of certain rights, including the right to use firearms.
  4. A restitution order can also be given to the accused in the event of a theft wherein he should pay the victim the losses incurred or reimburse the losses caused by the theft.
  5. A theft committed at a workplace can face at least 5-7 years in imprisonment ordered by the judge in a court.
  6. Few thefts may cost the accused a fine along with specific years of imprisonment.

If you have become a victim of any theft, then it is ethically correct to report to the police and seek help from an attorney who will give guidance on legal rights and representation.

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