High-quality BPM software for excellent customer experience


These five business process management solutions will automate business operations, improve your relations with customers and help you to make the right process-driven solutions. Choose the one that suits your needs!

It’s not a secret that business management requires complex approach. There are so many aspects that should be taken into consideration: marketing, sales, customer service, workflow optimization, etc. Luckily, business process management (BPM) solutions can help you. What is BPM software? This is an application or a cloud service that aligns numerous processes in one platform and can be used by organizations of various sizes and specializations. Such program can perform different tasks starting from communication with customers and partners and finishing by lead generation and information analysis. These five superb BPM systems can be highly beneficial for your organization, no matter what you focus on.


Offering tens of mission-critical options, BPM software of bpm’online streamlines customer‑oriented processes. Want to perform multi-channel marketing programs? Use bulk email sending, social media and other tools to reach your target audience. Need to track and execute the entire sales cycle in one platform? With bpm’online solution you can control everything: from lead generation to long-term partnership. Aspire to improve customer service? There is the whole range of tools for customer communication and analysis of client data.

Why customers prefer this platform?

  1. It is suitable for organizations of any size. Choose one of the three available editions based on your budget and requirements.
  2. Moderate prices without hidden fees.
  3. You can use the program on your premises or as a cloud solution. It is compatible with different platforms including iOS, Android, Linux and Windows and can be accessed from various devices.
  4. The software is totally customizable: you can create your own applications and forms. Knowledge of coding is not required.

Deploy bpm’online solution in work, and let your teammates focus on mission-critical tasks instead of spending time on routine and repetitive duties.

K2 blackpearl

Organizations in dire need of workflow optimization should pay attention to a superb solution of K2. This BPM software tool has intuitive forms and workflows to distribute roles, create departments and define data sources. What users love in K2 blackpearl software is its adjustability and scalability: the platform can be tailored to your organization’s needs while it’s growing. With such a platform, you will be always prepared for the future and will be able to provide a consistent level of convenience for your teammates today.

Workflow organization is not the only feature provided by K2 blackpearl. It also offers:

  • quick and fast design with the help of visual tools (no coding required);
  • SmartForms that allow capturing and displaying data on various devices;
  • applications for building and customization;
  • integration of data;
  • mobile apps;
  • duplication of app components over other programs and applications.

Magic BPM

Beginners will appreciate Magic BPM platform because it easily adapts to every business and provides the full spectrum of functions for business process management. Now you can align all departments in one environment with several customized applications to manage human resources, IT processes, customer service and financial operations.

Why is this solution one of highly recommended BPM systems? It can fit any organizational structure and is widely used by different organizations (healthcare, insurance, travel agencies, retail, energy, manufacturing, etc.). When the data is synchronized, tasks are correctly assigned, and the history and needs of customers are tracked, you can reach excellence.


This program suite is aimed at sales and marketing spheres. It allows controlling sales pipeline and automating sales. With OptifiNow software, you will be able to:

  1. Send emails, track calls, generate leads and assign tasks.
  2. Get information about events, clicks on links, calls, orders, time passages, etc.
  3. Track client activity and history. The data will be automatically pushed to your CRM.
  4. Specify rules for various campaigns, products and markets.
  5. Elaborate knowledge database for managers.
  6. Shorten training time: a few hours of use will be enough for workers to understand how everything works in the system.

OptifiNow BPM software ensures multichannel communication (via emails, calls, direct mail, mobile and social networks). It is integrated with different third-party applications and platforms, so you can be sure that the information is always up-to-date.


Need software for BPM that will interconnect all processes and services? With TIBCO solution, you will connect both cloud and on premises applications, devices and APIs. When everything is interconnected, you can leverage maximum functions of every application and platform to reach the best results.

First, TIBCO BPM platform will help you to organize the structure and workflow in your company: when tasks are assigned according to employee’s workload and skills, and teammates can track execution of missions, the process becomes simpler and more efficient. Secondly, you will be able to gather customers’ information from different sources (social media, history of contacts, other services). The more you know about the target audience, the better level of service you can provide. People value personalization! Thirdly, the applications can be easily tailored to the context.

These great BPM solutions will automate a wide range of business processes and improve your relationships with customers considerably. The better you understand what your clients want, the better service and offers you can provide. What are you waiting for? Implement one of the systems and enjoy higher conversions and increased customer loyalty almost immediately.

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