Precise Measuring Solutions for a Range of Industries


Certain industries demand precise measuring instruments, and fortunately there are specialist suppliers of the very best precise measuring equipment for a range of industries, which certainly makes sourcing such items easier. If you are in a business where you require high quality, precise measurement solutions, here is a brief overview of the type of tools and equipment you would find with a single online supplier.

Optical Measuring Solutions – This would involve non-contact measuring for process control and inspection, and would include precise profile projectors that are fully computer integrated and allow for very precise measurements in a range of environments. The very latest precision measurement technology gives you amazing accuracy, and with a range of specially designed projectors with interchangeable lenses, you can achieve your measurement goals.

Hand Tools – There is a wide range of tools that could be used for precise measuring, which would include micrometers and precision feeler gauges, which are vital for most shop floor operations. Screw pitch gauges are also needed, along with depth gauges and sliding T squares, and all can be purchased from a reputable online supplier. When purchasing such tools, you really should stick to the well-known brands, such as Moore & Wright, who have a very good reputation for making precise and affordable hand tools.

Inclination Measuring Devices – Measuring the slope or incline of something can be critical, and with the right sensors and software, you can ensure the precise level for the job at hand. Digital levels have replaced the traditional bubble based units, and there is a wide range of types and sizes to ensure suitability. The supplier would probably be able to design and build a customised tool, should it be required, and if you were unsure as to the best solution, they would be happy to advise on all aspects on precise measuring equipment.

Bore Gauging Tools – Many engineering processes demand very accurate bore sizes, and modern instruments offer this, with a choice of either analogue or digital solutions. Pistol griped bore gauges are small, light, and easy to use, and with an online supplier, you can expect to enjoy lower than retail costs and perhaps free delivery.

Height Gauging Equipment – Knowing the exact height of an item demands the right type of measuring tools, and with single or double column units, you can measure the height of any component with ease.

When searching for precise measuring tools, it pays to deal with a reputable supplier who stocks the best brands, and with an online supplier, you should be able to get lower than retail prices. Online solutions save you both time and money, and with an impressive list of specialist tools that are designed specifically for a certain type of work, you can be sure to always engineer to specification. One simply must have the right tools for the job, especially when precise dimensions are involved, and by sourcing the best online supplier, you can likely save money on the purchase.

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