SEO Myths That You Should Consider Revising


SEO or Search engine optimization is a growing field in the IT industry. Technological advancements and changes influence the trends in the field of SEO. Like any other industry, people in SEO industry also spread myths and non-sense about SEO. Some of them slowly fade by time and some may get popularized. People may spread them because they might not know what they have learned was wrong. They might have learned it from their own experience, but in the wrong way. Some of the most prominent myths people spread about SEO are discussed here.

  • SEO doesn’t exist: Unfortunately, there are people who believe that SEO is a scam. It will not be right to blame them because; they might have hired the wrong people who do it for the wrong.You may find a large number of people offering SEO services for your online business/service. To find the right one will help you to know the benefits of SEO done in the right manner. SEO exist and still has the power to enhance your business.
  • SEO is difficult: Knowledge and experience will make any activity easier. However, thinking that SEO if very difficult without trying anything is futile. One must try learning before judging whether it is easy to learn and practice or not. A well-designed website will work successfully with a good SEO strategy performed in the right way. An SEO expert should keep up-to-date about the small changes that take place in the field. SEO may seem difficult for those who are lazy. The techniques get updated each day and improving on your knowledge.
  • Link building is not working anymore: This statement is used very frequently by many people who aren’t thoroughly aware about SEO updates. It is one of the most interesting myths that are being discussed most of the time. Link building is one of the most-used techniques in SEO. It has been and still being used by SEO experts because, that is the way algorithm work.
  • Google will naturally rank your website: Many people believe that their website will be ranked automatically in Google. People just create websites, hundreds of URLs and wait for Google and other search engines to rank them.Many think that just publishing high quality content will help them to rank higher. However, it is wrong and people should realize that Google or any other search engine will not rank their website just like that. They need to work with keywords and all to get ranked in the top lists of search engine results.
  • I have performed SEO once: Just because you have worked for two weeks for your website, that too years back will not help you gain anything. Google and search engines are updating their techniques day-by-day. People think that working for a few days and keeping quiet after that will be enough to rank their website.
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