Top Reasons to Use Bulk SMS for Your Company


Digital marketing is a massive industry and companies are looking for new ways to reach their customers without having to waste money on ineffective services. A lot of business owners are now using bulk SMS marketing as opposed to other methods of digital marketing for various reasons. Here are some of the main benefits associated with using bulk SMS to promote your organisation.

Target Marketing > Some digital marketing campaigns don’t target specific customers, they are too broad and don’t reach your audience as well as bulk SMS services. Bulk SMS services are excellent at finding their intended target, each message is sent directly to a mobile device, so clients are kept updated on promotions, services and products. This is exactly what business owners need, they don’t want to waste money on ambiguous campaigns that don’t pinpoint their consumers, they need highly targeted marketing campaigns that are effective and cost-efficient.

One of the best things about bulk SMS services is that they’re available throughout the world, so if you’re in South East Asia and you require a blast SMS service provider in Malaysia or Thailand, there are several companies who can offer outstanding packages for your business. Bulk SMS is an excellent way of reselling and advertising to existing customers, they’ve already gave you permission to contact them, so they’re interested in knowing about your current products and services.

Custom Made > Businesses use bulk SMS marketing for numerous reasons and having the ability to personalise each message is extremely effective when targeting consumers. It enables you to send a bespoke advertisement directly to your client’s phone, they receive your message in a matter of seconds. It allows you to design an advertisement based on demographics and behavioural patterns, the messages can also be location based and adapted to specific region in the world.

If you were to try and create such a tailored campaign using another form of digital marketing you’d find it hugely challenging and expensive. For such as minimal fee, you get to specifically target individual consumers with personalised advertisements.

Reliability & Speed > Bulk SMS services reach your clients mobile devices in a matter of seconds, making this form of marketing unbelievably fast. Some people won’t check their email that regularly or tend to stay off social media for a few days, but they always check messages the moment they are notified. For any long term digital marketing campaign to work, you need a system which is highly adaptable and flexible. If anything in the market changes, you’ve access to a structure which allows immediate augmentation. This means that if you’re trying to get rid of old stock, you can send out messages detailing hot new promotions on existing merchandise.

All the benefits mentioned above are associated with using bulk SMS marketing campaigns to increase your company’s exposure. They are easy to use, don’t require any software downloads and they reach your clients in a matter of minutes. Bulk SMS is highly effective because you can easily personalise each advertisement.

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