What to Look for in Accountancy Software


Accountancy software is critical in making it easier for business to track its financial health. The cash flow that comes in and out of the company has to be monitored closely and diligently.

A good accounting software creates invoices, tracks expenses and helps to generate a variety of reports. These vital pieces of data – often in a specific format and distributed to section managers – help to build a picture of each department’s financial performance. The data help the various departments to analyse, improve and forecast the way it does business for the future.

Many of the key items in accountancy software are special apps that track billing, manage inventory, monitor projects and produce tax return figures. Choosing accountancy software that is just right for your business can be challenging. A tool that pretty much covers all sectors is the best way forward.

Each sector or industry requires a different set of rules in accountancy. The construction industry must have plenty of terminology and features that records downtime caused by employee hours lost because of rain time; the pharmaceutical industry has to take into medical terminology and financial needs.

A software platform like the BTC Software Solution Suite offers multiple pricing plans in which to choose from. It can also help a business work effectively with the numbers users planned in and accessibility factors too. The accountancy software feature desktop version, Cloud availability and usage on tablets.

A business must also ask what it wants the accountancy software to do. Most companies will need an accounts receivable and an accounts payable tool as basic. Many business have to track inventory, particularly if in the manufacturing or retail sectors, therefore this is another feature that one should look for in accountancy software.

Other features to look for in accountancy software include the payroll, project manager spreadsheets, time and motion tracking, as well as ancillary services (although not all businesses might need that).

One of the key things to look for in accountancy services software is the ability to have work dynamically for multiuser access. Can you invite others to use the system? What controls and restrictions can you place on certain groups of users and which tasks can they fulfil on the software.

Cloud Software and Mobile Access

Most accounting software produced in today’s business environment is readily available on the Cloud, allowing for access into the accounts system at any time of the day or night.

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