All about Lululemon – the apparel company


People who have the habit of collecting the best athletic apparel would have known about the Lululemon. This is an apparel retailer company in Canada and it was founded in the year 1998. This company is specialized in manufacturing the best athletic apparels. This company tends to handle all kind of athletic wears which also includes the yoga accessories. Even though the apparels are designed in Canada, this company has market all over the world. This company is located in 324 locations all over the world. The athletes from different parts of the world tend to show more interest in buying the apparel of this international company. The article is written to reveal some important and basic details about Lululemon Athletica.

Company – history

The founder of this company is chip wilson. Initially the company was engaged in selling the yoga wear. Later after the resignation of Chip Wilson, a full store was opened by the company in Covet Garden. In this period and after the period many CEO’s have handled the company. While considering the managers more than 70% of the managers were hired internationally. However, in all the stages the company was very keen in delivery the best quality materials for their customers. They never compromised in quality even the time when the company experienced various hardships. It can also be said that this is the reason begin the success of this company. And today this is one of the most successful apparel companies in the world.

Even though the company was very successful in the beginning, later they were supposed to face various challenges in the market. Especially the founder of this company came across various scandals and legal issues to raise the company to the next level. He made a good relationship with the shareholders and came up with many innovative ideas which laid way for the transformation of this company. Nike and Under Armour were considered to be their main competitor. Later when the founder resigned his destination, he was observing and sharing his views about the company in this website. His views are mentioned in one of his reputed online website.

Online store

Initially the company launched its product only in the direct stores. Later because of technology and advancement, they have started promoting their product in online. Their online stores are being accessed by many online users in current scenario. These online options are also considered to be more reliable when compared to the direct stores. And this also helped the company to attain more number of consumers from different parts of the world. For example, people who don’t have Lulu store nearby can make use of the online stores for shopping their needs. The most interesting aspect in their online store is the products which are ordered will be shipped for free. They also tend to provide easy return policy in order to comfort their customers to a greater extent. Thus, the company has attained changes according to the trend and the needs of their customer.

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