An Overview Of Various Career Paths That Leads To Professional Success In Financial Sector


Jobs in the finance sector are dynamic, challenging and also involves money management. Financial jobs are major contributors of economic growth of the nation as the financial sector caters job to a major portion of the population in the country. The realm of finance consists of banking, investment and insurance and jobs that you will get in these fields aim at creating innovative solutions for wealth management, so that the organizations can reach their financial goals. If you are not comfortable dealing with numbers that decide the fate of the organization, then you can opt for academics, where you can interact with students and impart the knowledge that can transform to be leaders in their field of work.

Career Path as an Architect

In the finance sector, there are a number of avenues for fresh graduates. There are six career paths in the financial services that graduates can choose from. The first path is of an Architect or the financial planners who are responsible for strengthening the fiscal condition of the clients by analyzing financial data, identifying the weaknesses and recommend solutions for the same. Thorough research, critical thinking and good communication skills are important attributes that help the financial planners to thrive. Banks, insurance companies, securities firms, often employ these professionals. Certification is yet another important requirement that gives a boost to the career of these professionals.

Work as an Agent

The next genre of work is branded as Agent, and brokers and relationship manager falls under this category. If you have the passion of interacting with people, then this is the perfect field for you. Professionals in this genre are also referred to as client-facing position and they aim at attracting new leads for the company and increase the client base. These professionals are effective in maintaining a good relationship with clients and establish their trust on the company through various sales activities. Good communication skill is important for the professional to communicate complex ideas to clients.

Deal with Client Complaints

Proofreader is another career path that you can opt for, in the financial sector, they are also referred as Claims Adjuster. These professionals are generally employed by the insurance companies and retail firms so that they can handle the complaints of the client in various departments and also deal with fraud. They have to prepare documentation that is required for approval and denial of the claim. Good communications skill and eye for details are two important skills for these professionals. Professionals need to have necessary certificate and training to gain edge over others.

Analyze as Informants

Investment banking is a challenging field and yet a rewarding one. This career path is referred as Informant and they are responsible for taking decisions related to investment. The job responsibility comprises of the analysis of financial statements, preparation of financial reports, research the market trend and assemble presentation for internal meetings. Analysts need to have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or business or finance and they need to have good analytical skill, problem-solving and thy need to have the ability to work under pressure. Proficiency related to the use of spreadsheets and similar tools is a must for these professionals.

Be a Team Player

Another career path in the financial arena is referred as team player or project specialists. They provide support in terms of management of budget. It is necessary for these professionals to be good communicators, they need to have adequate technical knowhow and also they should have the ability to perform under pressure. The last career path that you can follow after graduation is the rotational program that has gained popularity among different organizations. These programs cater broad range of information to professionals so that they can handle different function in various levels of the organization. Ability to act as a player in a team and interest in their work are key to success in this field.

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