Different Types of Female Mannequins to Choose From


Having a mannequin in a retail store is not only as easy as picking up a mannequin and dress it. it should also follow the requirements of the store before purchasing a mannequin. There are factors the store manager or owner must consider first before acquiring a mannequin.

When you enter a retail store, what do you see first? It’s the mannequin that you see first. When a retail store has a new product with a new design, they show it to their customers by dressing a mannequin. Mannequins are very important to a retail store especially if their products are dresses or any type of clothing. If a customer won’t be able to fit a piece of clothing, seeing a mannequin wears it will give the customer an idea of how that clothes will look on her or him.

Retail stores are selling different types of merchandise. They require a different type of female mannequins to display their products. The mannequins vary in size, color to materials. But before buying a mannequin, you must know what type of a mannequin you should purchase for the store.

Here are the different types of female mannequin you can choose from.

1. Realistic Mannequin

A realistic mannequin is one of the common types of mannequins. As the name implies, it is life-like and it depicts a human face and body in the most accurate way. The skin resembles that of the human and is tailored to a specific size, with permanent makeup and the wigs are styled. These mannequins are often found in high-end retail stores and are available for both male and female.

2. Abstract Mannequin

Another type of a common mannequin, abstract mannequins can be found in just about any retail stores. The body is not perfectly sculpted, but still resembles a human form. Abstract mannequins have poses but rarely have wigs on them.

3.    Headless Mannequins

The headless mannequins are often found in retail stores with a limited height of the ceiling. The same as other mannequins, they come in different size, color, and finish. Most headless mannequins showcase top garments or accessories that only need the upper torso. Sometimes from the waist to foot only for the pants or shorts and skirts.

4. Plus Sized mannequins

Body size should be a showcase in different retail stores and no exception for plus sized people. Plus-sized mannequins help plus size men and women have a realistic view of the merchandise before trying them on.

5. Pregnant Mannequins

As mentioned, all types of body size should have a mannequin, and pregnant women are lucky to have one of them. If a store sells maternity clothing, they must have a pregnant mannequin to visually showcase their product. It can really help mothers-to-be in choosing the best dress during pregnancy.

6. Children Mannequin

Like adults, we also want to see how clothes will look to a child and children mannequins are there to help us. A child can be difficult to buy a clothing and also bothersome to go shopping. It’s helpful for buyers to see clothes on children mannequins when buying for their kids.

7. Attractive  Mannequins

The attractive mannequins are often used to display lingerie. This type of mannequin is hyper-realistic in all forms and is very detailed.

There are lots of mannequin types that you can choose from and to find the right one is dependent on your stores target demographic.

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