Laptops Of The Future


As cellular devices like the iPad are becoming increasingly popular, laptop manufacturers are working to be more innovative to compete with the new portable apparatus.

The 10 kg laptop was viewed as the option that was little and portable to the desktop computer PC.

Naturally, today most notebooks are considered much too clunky for mobile use and have mainly been replaced by mobile phones and tablet devices. Some users now prefer to have a more powerful PC to tackle memory intensive applications like image or video editing and will invest in a good phone or tablet computer as their more “portable option”. So where does this leave the laptops?

The future of notebooks

The huge laptop makers all are gearing up to start new notebook ranges and models to stay competitive.

Latest Intel cores – Intel has created quite a few second generation processors that offer lightning fast speeds to handle some of the largest computing jobs. A number of notebook brands, including Asus, LeNovo, Acer and Toshiba include versions that feature the CENTER i3, i5 and i7 processors to suit a range of business and home computing needs.

Tougher bodies – some laptops manufacturers are going in another direction to create machines that are sturdy and durable while mobile tablet computers are coming out with a sleek and small look. The Toughbook, Panasonic’s line of rugged notebooks, is reported to be constructed to withstand drops of up to 6 feet as good as all kinds of spills, debris and grime in order to take your machine to some of the harshest environments if you so desired.

Detachable touchpads – some makers are searching for new perspectives and uses due to their notebook components. For example, Acer’s newest notebook features a detachable Touchpad that doubles as a remote control for the unit. A nifty device for delivering presentations from meetings.

Meanwhile, additionally there are several innovations in operating systems and applications.

There are quite a few models and new choices to consider if you are looking to purchase or lease a notebook. Visit to know which model is best for you and according to your requirements.

When it comes to the most recent notebooks around while tablets are becoming the popular new technology accessory, there’s so much on offer for both business and home use.

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