How Ice Machines Can Help You Save Money


Businesses operating in the hospitality industry, such as restaurants and bars, face a lot of problems in maintaining their profit margins. People want fresh food and drinks that are prepared right when they come in, but they also want it to be served as quickly as possible. It’s difficult to reduce the wait times while still making sure the quality of the food remains as good as can be. However, one of the biggest issues people face is related to managing ice in the restaurant or bar. Ice is used in different styles in a number of drinks. Some people prefer drinks with ice cubes in them, while others want crushed ice in their drinks.

If you only have a large freezer in your house, you wouldn’t want the ice trays to take up a lot of space. Obviously, if you are running a restaurant or bar, you will need additional space for other things such as meat storage, food storage, etc. Water takes time to freeze, so you will need to keep it in the freezer for a few hours before you start serving your clients. Instead of freezing the water in a conventional ice tray and putting it in your main freezer, why not purchase an ice machine? There are numerous brands that currently sell ice machines in Perth, and the prices generally vary as well. Here are a few reasons why ice machines are a worthy investment for business owners.

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Saves Time and Money

A conventional freezer relies on convection in order to cool the water until it freezes. Naturally, this takes a bit of time, and is the main reason why items in the freezer usually take around two to three hours to freeze, including the water. On the other hand, ice machines have electrical coils installed in them. These electrical coils are able to instantly decrease the temperature of the liquid, thus bringing it to its frozen state. Therefore, the water will be frozen and turned into ice cubes within a matter of a minutes. The relatively instant conversion means that freezing the water is an ideal option for those who are looking for a quick supply of ice cubes. This is excellent for people who run their own bar or beverage store.

Saves Space

Another reason why ice cubes are a worthy investment is because they will help you save a lot of space. There are countertop ice cube machines available nowadays, so you can just keep them right on the bar counter. Anybody who wants more ice can just take them out whenever they want. It’s a great idea that will lead to considerable cost savings in the long run.

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