Tips For A Construction Site Safety Manager


Safety First” is the watchword of every construction site and hence, a good number of standing sign boards within the premises is sure to portray this notion to remind workers of safety measures. If you’re the construction site safety manager, it is your sole duty to ensure that all matters related to security and safe use of the site is ensured. To achieve your aims, do you have the required tools and strategies necessary to process the job adequately?

Without much exaggeration, I am here to share some professional ideas and tips with you. After a long term experience as a construction site manager, I have come to realize a few mistakes, shortcomings and mostly neglected acts that can easily help save more lives at sites. As well as better options of advice recommended by the safety managers for use, to get make the site a conducive for all laborers. Below are few tips and guidelines for managing busy constructions sites to ensure safety and peaceful coexistence.

Gadgets and Tools

To managers – gadgets and tools are those materials needed to kick start your safety campaign. Each member and laborer in the team and present at the construction site need a set of protective gadgets. Mostly in form of kits to be worn over the body, head, and the legs, these kits are dependable. Example of a complete set kit contains items like Helmet, Pair of Rubber/Leather Hand gloves, pair of Rubber Boots, Protective Khaki Jackets and trousers, and/or pair of Sunglasses. And it is distributed with regard to the duty post and laborers task.

Mutual Relationship with Laborers

As a safety manager, don’t you think it’s ideal to carry your followers along with love and empathy? Well thought lessons only flow in directly with nice guidance, and hence, you should endeavor to be as friendly as possible with your team. That way, communication becomes easier, as well as the dispersal of vital health care and site safety measures. Most at times, accidents and other fiery site uncertainties are due to improper guidance, update and knowledge of certain protocols.

Regular Check and Monitoring

Regular checks directly points to a lot of things. It means regular examination and scrutiny of the team members by the safety task force. With regard to the number of laborers on site ground. 3 days interval of checkups should be great enough to curtail the carelessness of non-safety conscious members of the team. And these will go a long way to help workers understand the true importance of safety even while they’re diligent enough in the discharge of their duty.

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